Bad Dieting

How Bad Dieting Destroys Your Metabolism!

So, you’re looking to lose weight and the first thing that comes to your mind is to stop eating all the foods that you enjoy. Then, not being a fan of vegetables, you don’t replace those foods with healthy meals.

Thus, you end up starving yourself which in turn slows down your metabolism. All of these things are counterproductive to long-lasting weight loss so the diet fails. When you gain all the weight back, you blame yourself for not having the discipline to stick with an overly restrictive diet. On the contrary, bad diets are hard to follow because of these two reasons.

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You Aren’t Getting Enough Calories!

Metabolism needs calories to burn fat. If you’re on the starve-myself-until-I-get-thin diet, then you’re not going to have a successful weight loss experience. This kind of diet will send your metabolism into starvation mode, cause your body to store food as fat rather than burning it and slow down your metabolism.

Starving also puts yourself in danger of yo-yo dieting. Once you get off the diet, you gain all the weight back. Is that really successful weight loss? In addition, starving yourself can also cause you to binge. Forcing yourself to endure extreme hunger will lead to gorging and huge consumption of food that is neither good for you nor your diet.

It is actually better to continue to eat whatever you want and just reduce the amount you eat and how frequently you eat it. Dieting in this manner works because it is far less restrictive and your metabolism keeps getting the calories it needs to burn fat.

You Aren’t Getting Enough Nutrition!

You need adequate nutrition to energize your body and burn fat. Cutting protein out of your diet strips your muscles of the nutrients they need to grow and burn fat. Protein powers your muscles and allows them to burn more fat.

Adding nuts, baked chicken and baked fish to your diet will give you the lean protein that is essential to your weight loss regimen. Fruits and vegetables are the number one things to eat when it comes to losing weight. They provide the nutrition your body needs as well as enough calories to keep your metabolism going.

You can eat as many fruits and vegetables, as you like as part of your diet so starving yourself, shouldn’t be an option. Fruits and vegetable give you more energy to burn more calories while improving your health.