Summer Dieting Tips

Lazy Summer Diet Tips

Summer has arrived and it’s time for you to put on that beachwear and show others your body figure! But…are you prepared to do so? Or is it still ‘under construction’? It’s time to get acquainted with lazy summer diet tips!

Many people fear going to the beach, not because they are scared of water or sharks, but because they are scared of the stares that others will give them once they change into their beachwear. It certainly ruins your summer holidays and you will probably be inclined to spend them just trying to get rid of the unwanted fats that make your figure so belched.



Here are some tips that people have used to avoid the summer nightmare and turn it into a period of paradise:

1) Have some sour stuff beside you while you’re eating your meals. The heat from the summer atmosphere is good enough to kill a lot of appetite in people, which results in them going on a binge somewhere after their meal (which they did not eat happily). Lemon or lime juice is the best to go with your meals, otherwise sour plums will work just fine. The sourness helps to stimulate your taste buds, giving you a better appetite to digest your meal.

2) Exercise and play more outdoor games than usual. With the summer heat, the body’s metabolic rate is higher than other periods, so make full use of this increased metabolism to shed some weight and fats! In fact, you should be doing this regularly throughout the year and not just seasonal.

3) Pop some mint chewing gum whenever you think you feel hungry. This will help reduce your hunger, and you will find yourself eating less once mealtime comes. Also, with the heat from the atmosphere, it’s good to keep the tongue moist through chewing something so that the saliva comes constantly.

4) Substitute all your drinks with plain water. With the summer heat blazing throughout the day, you are always finding yourself needing a drink to quench the thirst and keep your body hydrated. Bring a water bottle with you so that you can drink water anytime, anywhere. The replacement of carbonated sugar drinks with water will definitely keep you healthier without a bloated tummy.