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Best Training Workout Exercises Without Weights

It can be difficult these days to find ways to workout and truly exercise. With the stress of kids, the job, and money seemingly always holding us back, it’s amazing that we accomplish anything these days. For most, it can be very difficult to get into a commercial gym to do a full-scale strength training routine with weights at hand.

This is why many are looking for simple alternatives to the typical weightlifting routines. Bodybuilding can be difficult without weights but it is far from impossible. There are in fact several ways to go about working out without weights and I’ll outline a few here.

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First off, if you have any experience with lifting at all then you should realize any resistance can be used to achieve the same results. That’s why resistance bands are commonly used in physical therapy rooms and can be used to the same effect at home.

In addition, doing the more manual of labors around the house can be a great muscle builder. Carrying soil around, using a push mower for the lawn, and moving heavy appliances to clean are all great places to look for inspiration.

There’s also a technique that dates back to the Charles Atlas days of bodybuilding, and that is dynamic tension. Basically, with dynamic tension, you’re pitting muscle against muscle much in the same way a lion or other animal may maintain muscle mass. It can be a simple technique to use to workout without weights at home.

It’s much easier to build mass with some sort of weight set at your disposal. However, be sure to note that there are a number of ways to get the same exercises done without the weights as well, it’s just a matter of taking what you enjoy most and finding an alternative.