Summer Dieting Tips

4 Easy Summer Dieting Tips

Dieting and exercising during the summer months can be a difficult and discouraging chore for some people. The lure of warmer weather and vacation days and the daily routine of work and family responsibilities can make it tempting to miss workouts and give up on a healthy diet.

Here are a few dieting tips that can help, they are so easy a caveman could do them:

summer dieting tips

1) Keep it simple. Try to set basic goals of trying to exercise 2-3x a week.

A simple routine which includes resistance training each muscle 1-2x a week and cardiovascular exercise such as running, walking, or cycling 2-3x a week can go a long way towards maintaining muscle and eliminating body fat.

2) Attempt to make it fun when you are in the gym.

During your exercise session, try to choose exercises that you like but that will still contribute to your goals. If you are dreading a certain exercise, you are less likely to give it adequate effort or proper form and concentration.

3) Try to consume healthy food, but basic.

Always be aware that each meal should include protein to repair muscle and healthy carbohydrates and fats to provide energy, but also try to choose sources that you like. No one eats clean and healthy all of the time, so don’t be discouraged if once in a while you cheat on your diet.

4) Give yourself credit.

Every time that you show up at the gym or exercise when you don’t feel like it or choose a food source with health and nutrition in mind, give yourself credit for making the proper choice. Self-affirmation can go a long way to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.