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Exercise With Dumbbells – 3 Benefits to Consider

Weight training with dumbbells has its advantages. They are space friendly. In other words, they can be used and stored in a very small area. Dumbbells have the advantage when it comes to working and strengthening a particular bodypart and, you can achieve a full range of motion where with a barbell in some case you are restricted.

Let us take a brief look at each one.

exercising with dumbbells

1. Requires Small Space Requirements

Dumbbells can be stored in a very small area whether it is in a room or a garage. There are minimal space requirements which means they can be set up in either a small home or studio apartment. They also can be transported easier. There are several dumbbells manufactures today that build a fine set of weights that are adjustable with the pull of a pin or, turning of a lock. Investigating this type of equipment which has adjustments so that you get multiple dumbbells in one, is really the smart way to go.

2. Unilateral Strengthening

You can easily concentrate on one body part with a dumbbell. With barbells that is not the case. This is particularly important if you are rehabilitating from an injury and want the weaker or injured area to match the stronger body part. If you have one arm for instance that is weaker then the other, you can work both simultaneously by using a different weight in each hand as well. There are multiple combinations you can use.

3. They Give You A Full Range Of Motion

You can achieve a full range of motion with a dumbbell that you cannot get with a barbell. Take the bench press, for instance, you can lower the dumbbells past the chest getting a more intense stretch on the chest muscles then you will with the barbell. You can complete multiple full ranges of motion exercises with this equipment with a simple flat bench or better yet, one that will convert to an incline bench as well.

When considering whether to purchase either dumbbells or barbells for your home gym, take special consideration into your space requirements, and your finances. Remember, you can do just about anything with a dumbbell that you can with a barbell.