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8 Workout Motivation Techniques That Will Boost Your Fitness

Sometimes good workout motivation techniques can be difficult to come across. Some days you just can’t find enough reason to work out, and you let yourself slow down. The problem here is that if you aren’t motivated, you won’t get results. You have to want it. Really want it.

There are so many ways to keep yourself fully motivated and doing so will put you in better shape than you’ve ever been and fast. Not only that, but you’ll enjoy the ride there much, much more. Here are some great ways to start getting motivated, break those plateaus, and get on the fast track to insane health.

Workout Motivation Techniques:

1. Remember what you’re doing it for.

The best workout motivation you can give yourself is to remember why it is you’re working out. Maybe it’s the dream weight you’ve been striving for. Maybe it’s a pant size you haven’t fit into in years. Maybe you just want the satisfaction of knowing you’re in better shape. Whatever it is that got you in the gym on the first day, think about it, and don’t let it get away.

2. Track your success.

Write down every rep and weight for each workout, and how long you ran or held a plank that day. Keep a record so when you look back at the workout from three weeks ago, then the one from yesterday, you can see the improvement. Knowing that you’re improving and being able to read the proof can be a great form of workout motivation for anyone with any fitness goal.

3. Use your favorite activities to get in shape.

If you hate running, buy a jump rope for your cardio. If you love rock climbing, find a club nearby and use it to get in shape. Use the things you like to do, and you’ll get better results from them.

4. Set short term goals.

Before you start an exercise, tell yourself what you need to do. Get a number of reps or a length of time in mind, and achieve it at all costs. If you can’t make it on the first try, take a breath, and finish. Don’t ever let yourself give up halfway.

5. Set long term goals.

Much like the short term goals, you should give yourself a time or number to reach, but set it weeks in advance. If you can hold an abdominal bridge for 32 seconds now, make it your goal to hold it for a minute by next month. This will keep you pushing as hard as possible for every abdominal exercise up until the goal date. If you reach the goal, it can be incredibly motivating to see what you can achieve with effort. Continue to set more goals and keep reaching them.

6. Reward Yourself.

Give yourself something to look forward to if you reach a goal, or just for making it through each workout for the week. If you wanted to be benching 220 lbs by a certain day, and you end up hitting 235, then let yourself take a day off, or go get a celebratory meal. Workout motivation is as simple as wanting something, and doing what it takes to get it.

7. Keep it social. Try a group fitness class.

They tend to be very full of energy and motivation. If that’s not for you, get a friend or a group of friends to work out with to keep you motivated and give you some friendly competition.

8. Surround yourself with forms of workout motivation.

There are plenty of things that can remind you to work harder. Keep some motivational pictures on your phone. Subscribe to YouTube channels or to follow social media profiles related to workout motivation. Keep yourself subjected to a constant stream of motivating materials, and soon enough, you’ll never find yourself slacking off again.

Everyone has reasons for their fitness regimens, keep yours in full view and don’t let yourself slack off anymore. Use these tips to keep yourself fully motivated and get in great shape.