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Liquid Diets Or Surgery Can Make You Lose 50 Lbs…But is it Worth?

When it comes to weight loss all of us wish to come across a wonder! The dieters are willing to spend any amount of money to lose more weight is less time. Innumerable advertisements suggest that you could lose 50 pounds in a month. Using liquid diets and the surgical methods they have actually made it possible. But is this worth the gamble? We wish to become slim in order to look pretty. But can an unhealthy person look that pretty & attractive?

Here are some diets and surgical means to lose 50 pounds in a month and their side effects:

diets vs surgery


This is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting some medicines & herbs in the skin. It targets specific areas like thighs, breasts, arms, belly, etc. If not done with the right medical & technical expertise, this can lead to hazardous consequences. These include bruising, swelling, pain, scars, etc. In some cases, people have even fainted with a high fever. Besides, the worst side effect is that women can not conceive after getting this done. Nursing mothers also avoid it. So, are willing to lose 50 pounds in a month at that cost?

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

Another wonder of science, this is a surgical process that involves a major operation. Like all major surgeries, this is risky and calls for a lot of care and attention after the process is completed. The worst part is that the moment body forms more fat, you become bulky again. That means even if one loses 50 lbs. in 30 days, it is sure to come back in another 60 days. What’s the fun then of spending a fortune and ill-treating your body for this result?

Liquid Diets

The doctor’s had devised this process to cleanse the stomach of the patients before they get operated. But the Hollywood celebrities have started using it to become super skinny. They become fat again, yet they are willing to screw their muscles & become weak. The fact is that if you stay only on a liquid diet for more than 10 days, you shall land up in a hospital. Also, the weight you lose is not the body fat, it is your water weight and the muscle mass. It can never help you reduce 50 pounds in a month.

There are healthier means of weight loss to consider. These include natural diet supplements like Acai Berry and Colon Cleansing.