Three Crucial Steps for Workaholics to Lead a Healthy Life

An extremely busy work schedule takes a toll on rest and fitness. Below are some points on what workaholics should do to lead a healthy life.

If you live in an area with a high cost of living such as Long Beach, it becomes extremely important to stay fit and healthy because you may not want to drain all your savings in paying medical bills. So, take a few minutes to read this and figure out how to get the most out of your limited time.

You Need to Focus on Three Things: Kitchen, Hiit, and Progress

#1.  The Journey of Healthy Body Starts in the Kitchen.

People who work for long hours tend to dine out or take the order home more frequently. This is just what the main problem is. Eating out regularly and then expecting good health can’t go hand in hand. You must start thinking about home-made food (not the ones that most restaurants claim to offer). When you prepare your own food, you have direct control over what’s going in your stomach.

What to do

  • Assess your BMR (Body Metabolic Rate), the minimum amount of calories you need in a day.
  • Pick one day to prepare a list of wholesome and nutrient-dense food items for the whole week.
  • Prepare food according to the prepared chart or list.
  • Use a food diary to track everything you eat, especially if you want to lose weight.

#2.  High-Intensity Interval Training + Strength Training

Since for workaholics, most of the time is consumed by the work schedule, you need to make your workout effective and efficient so that you don’t need to bargain with your sleep and other activities. You can even consider hiring a Beach City personal trainer to ensure that you are working out in the right way. In order to achieve a healthy, lean, and toned body, opt for resistance training (also called strength training) and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Long Beach personal trainer

What to do

  • Aim to make time and attend at least two training sessions for resistance training and HIIT workouts every week.
  • Regularly notice the overall changes. The more you focus on training, the more improvement you will see. Here the good thing is that these workouts are short enough to not disturb your work schedule significantly.

#3.  Track Your Progress to Ensure That You Are on the Right Track

Most people often overlook this aspect. It is highly unlikely to notice where you are without plenty of data analysis. Just like how a food diary would help you in tracking patterns over time, scheduling your workouts with your Long Beach personal trainer in advance and recording your exercise routines would help in finding how far you are from the set goals. It’s a better way to tell how your body is responding and changing physically over time.

What to do

  • Do body composition analysis, if you haven’t already done this. It takes a minute to test and you will get results instantly.
  • Make your smartphone useful to take notes on your progress. The important thing is to record what you are doing, keep the numbers, set a new goal, and get the numbers checked regularly.

Health is important regardless of whether you are a workaholic or not. One can work efficiently only if he/she is healthy and has a sound mind. In case you need more insights that specifically fit your body, scheduling a free consultation with a qualified personal trainer in Long Beach will help you get what you want to know.