4 Common Exercise Categories You Should include in Your Workout Session!!

With the grand entry of the New Year, more than 50% of people would have taken the resolution to lose weight and stay fit, but we all know that it is not so easy. We need a push to wake up early, run to the gym for the workout
session and drop all unwanted activities from daily routine. Along with that, people also need the right encouragement and direction to get productive results. Exercising with a focused aim will increase the
chance to get the desired result.



If you are also amongst the ones who have taken the resolution to lose weight and stay fit this year, you must have the right knowledge before you step- in. It is essential because there are people in society who are happy with their limited exercise schedule and consider that they are doing enough. They think that they are healthier than others but that is not the case. The workout sessions are the proper schedule which includes exercise for every body part. People work for some and ignore others. Such workout schedules will never give the right result. You will get the proper advice and guidance from the gym trainer but still, you must be aware of the exercise categories so that you do not forget to include them in your workout sessions.

To help you with the same, we have explained the 4 common categories of exercise which most of the fitness centers follow:


It is also known as aerobic activities and is mostly concerned with your breathing and heart rate. This category of exercise is mostly concerned with the respiratory system functioning of the lungs. It will increase your stamina and make it easier to carry out daily activities. Some endurance exercises include jogging, brisk walking, and dancing.


The strength exercise is also known as resistance training which will make your muscles strong to carry out the daily activities. The weakness of the muscles will make you lethargic and limited in lifting heavy weights or climbing the stairs. One important the schedule under strength training is weight lifting.


The experts say that balancing is mostly required at old age but it is required at any age. It will help
you keep a proper balance on your feet and prevent you from falling on any uneven surface. It will also help you in your modeling career if planning to do so. An example of a balance activity is standing on one


As the term states, it helps in bringing maximum stretch in your body. It improves body movement and postures. The daily activities become easy if the body is flexible and brings less strain and sprain.

The combination of all the four categories of the exercises Long Beach CA mentioned above will help give you the result that you have thought or taken resolution for. Most of the fitness centers in Long Beach CA follow the same exercise schedule but still, you must get the training module before starting the session.