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Why Motivation Is So Important

Most people tend to take motivation for granted. They don’t even think about it as they get on with their daily lives. But the reality is that we need different types of motivation to really get the most out of life and be happy and content.

Motivation is all about purpose and desire. Without it, we would never do anything and the world would be vastly different from what it is today. If Steve Jobs didn’t have the motivation to create the iPhone would smartphones exist today? Maybe if someone else had the motivation to design and create them.

why motivation is important

Results Inspire us

Our motivation levels usually rise when we get specific results or we see others achieving results. It can be very exciting to see a plan come together and this will provide you with the motivation to move on to a new plan.

People tend to associate results with the business but there are many areas of life where results can give us a real motivational boost. For example, if you want to lose weight then what can be better than standing on the scales and seeing that you have lost the weight that you wanted to?

If you are a manager in a company then your purpose is to motivate the team that reports to you. You agree with personal objectives and targets with them and when they achieve these not only will they get a motivational boost but you will too.

Motivation and Education

We all want our children to succeed and make the next generation smarter than the previous one. Children need to be motivated properly by teachers so that they work hard and show what they are capable of.

A good teacher is rarely motivated by money. They get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing their students succeed. And when their students do succeed this motivates the teacher, even more, to do it again.

Adult students need the motivation to help them to get their degree in college. Again professors at the college have a vital role to play here. These days life is full of distractions and it is really easy for an older student to go off the rails.

Life Motivation

The development of human beings relies on motivation. People face different challenges in their lives every single day and they need the motivation to overcome the challenges and move forward. Challenges can literally come out of nowhere such as a natural disaster that devastates a community.

To succeed in life you need to be hungry. We are not talking about a craving for food here but a hunger to achieve. Take a look around you and notice all of the buildings nearby. They are only there because people were motivated to build them. The same goes for cars, roads, shops and so on.

There are so many things that you can do with your life these days that people often say that “there are not enough hours in the day”. When you are motivated you can manage your time effectively so that you have the right balance in your life.

For example, you are motivated to earn money so you will spend a certain amount of your time doing this. You are also motivated to be with the people that you love so you need a chunk of time for that too.

And of course, you need to look after yourself with regular exercise which requires other times. Motivation helps us to manage all of this.