What is the Zero Belly Diet and How Does It Work?

Having a personal trainer in Long Beach, CA is a smart step to lose excessive weight. While your personal trainer will help you prepare the best strategy to achieve your fitness goals, building your own knowledge base is a plus point, especially when you are planning to switch to the zero belly diet.

In this blog, we will discuss what zero belly diet means and how it works.



The Zero Belly Diet 

The Zero Belly diet consists of nutritious foods, such as colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes, lean meats, and fish. When you follow this diet, you have to steer clear of some less-healthy options, such as fatty meats and refined sugar.


How the Zero Belly Diet Works

This type of diet is known to attack fat cells on the genetic level so that one can reduce or eliminate the harmful visceral fat present around your organs. Reducing visceral fat is extremely important because research has shown that this type of fat puts people at risk of cardiovascular diseases and conditions that may cause diabetes.

Thus, a zero belly diet is usually composed of food items that are higher in specific nutrients, for instance, betaine, folate, choline, and methionine. Such nutrients help in turning off your fat genes and therefore, allow you to lose weight quickly and sustainably. This diet doesn’t include food that may be inflammatory in nature to reduce systemic inflammation and improve digestion.

What the Zero Belly Diet Includes

When you are following this diet, you can have meals three times and one to two snacks a day. This will help you keep satiated and fight cravings.

To follow this diet, you are recommended to eat highly nutritious foods, such as eggs, red fruits (berries, apples, plums, peaches, red grapefruit, tart cherries, and watermelons), olive oil and other healthy fat sources (nuts, avocados, flaxseed, and salmon), extra plant-based protein powder, beans, brown rice, oats, leafy greens, bright-colored vegetables, lean meat, fish, dark chocolate, etc.

What foods are not recommended during this diet include gluten grains (wheat, rye, and barley), potatoes, turnips, parsnips, high-fat meats, dairy products, highly-refined oils, processed foods, alcohol (limited to one drink per day), soda, diet soda, coffee, and refined sugar.

It is important to note that this diet puts a heavy emphasis on Zero Belly drinks -smoothies made with vegetarian protein powder, non-dairy milk, frozen fruit, and nut butter. It requires you to drink at least one of these drinks per day.

Workouts are crucial components of the zero belly diet and play a vital role in reducing stomach fat. However, traditional exercises that target midsection are not that effective. To see significant results, you have to build lean mass tissue throughout your body.

So,  have you decided to reduce your belly fat? If you are unsure of how and when to start, your Long Beach personal trainer will guide and help you throughout to achieve your goal successfully. It might take longer for some. Stay put. Keep making efforts!