Tips on boosting your immune system

Your Immune System Has 5 Parts That You Need To Be Aware Of

It is not always easy to be fully aware of how your body works, so one of the best things you can do is break them down into individual parts. To understand how your immune system functions you need to know about the five major parts of it.

These 5 parts combine together to enable your immune system to maintain your health and protect you from any dangerous diseases. Part one of your immune system that you need to be aware of, probably the most essential part, is the white blood cells in your body.

tips to boost your immune system

Part One – White Blood Cells

Think about your white blood cells as real troopers inside your body. They will respond to anything that they believe is a threat to you and then will take action to eliminate it so that it cannot bring any harm to you.

You have two main types of white blood cells and each of these works in a different way to protect you. The first type will attach themselves to the foreign body so that it becomes weaker, and the second will mount a direct attack in an attempt to kill it right away.

Part Two – The Complement System

The complement system is the second part of your immune system and its job is to assist the white blood cells. What it does is increases the effectiveness of the white blood cells in a number of different ways.

Your complement system tells your white blood cells to literally eat the harmful bacteria that they kill, which ensures that they are cleared out of your system. In addition, the complement system is responsible for the cause of inflammation in your body to weaken the effectiveness of harmful cells.

The final job of the complement system is to rupture the membranes of any harmful cells which significantly weaken them so that it is easier to attack them.

Part Three – The Lymphatic System

A crucial part of your immune system is the lymphatic system. It is also a key component of your circulation system. The lymphatic system works throughout different blood cells assisting them to transport specific things via the blood stream.

This is an important task for many reasons, but in relation to your immune system it is critical because it provides the highway that will transport and direct your white blood cells using your blood stream so that they can get to the infected area fast and perform their work.

Part Four – Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is another critical part of your body because it is the source of your white blood cells that will protect you from harmful foreign bodies. Bone marrow also produces red blood cells and also platelets which you need to harden any clots and stop bleeding.

Part Five – The Spleen

The last main part of your immune system is the spleen. This important component assists in the filtering of your blood. Your spleen will eliminate any microorganisms that it discovers in your blood and in addition to this, it assists your immune system by producing antibodies that are essential to protect you from diseases.