Tips on boosting your immune system

You Can Give Your Immune System A Boost With Garlic

A lot of people think that garlic is very pungent and even a little bit gross but the truth is that you should be using it a lot more in your cooking as it is an essential herb for your immune system. You can even eat garlic raw because it is very good for your health.

There are many uses for garlic in cooking. This is because it provides a lot of flavors and it is a seasoning that has a very distinctive scent. More importantly than this, garlic is essential for your immune system as it will help to increase your white blood cell numbers.

many uses for garlic in cooking

Use Garlic to increase the amount of White Blood Cells

White blood cells are responsible for identifying, targeting, and eliminating any foreign cells that can carry disease. They are your strongest defense against harmful pathogens. If you do not have enough white blood cells your immune system will be weaker and can be overwhelmed by infectious cells that will make you very sick.

So you need to add garlic to your diet so that you can increase the number of white blood cells you have available so that they can find any harmful bacteria and prevent any diseases from forming in your body.

Improve your Blood Flow with Garlic

Another great reason to include garlic in your diet is that it will improve your blood flow. This is great for a variety of reasons, but particularly in relation to your immune system, because it helps it to identify diseases faster.

Your white blood cells are always circulating around your body and continuously on the lookout for things that shouldn’t be there and they will attack these. With improved blood circulation, your white blood cells will be able to move faster and more easily through your blood searching for threats.

Use Garlic to reduce Stress

It is well known in the medical world that stress is responsible for weakening the human immune system. When you are in a state of stress your body releases specific hormones that result in your immune system becoming less effective.

Studies have shown that the ingestion of garlic helps to stop the release of these stress hormones, which in turn will make you feel less stressed and assist with maintaining your immune system at its most efficient level.

Eat Garlic raw for maximum benefit

You will derive the maximum health benefits from garlic when you eat it in its raw state. We understand that a lot of people will not be very keen to do this. Let’s face it, the taste and smell of garlic can be pretty overpowering.

But when you cook garlic it will reduce this overpowering taste and smell quite a lot, but at the same time you end up losing some of its health benefits. If you don’t fancy the idea of eating garlic raw, there are a number of supplements available as an alternative.

These supplements do not have an odor and are also tasteless so it is really easy for you to take them and get all of the benefits that raw garlic would provide to you.