Cardio workout burns calories in your body. Most people do cardio training to lose weight, gain body mass, train stamina, etc. There’re different intensities cardio exercises. Low or moderate-intensity exercise normally leaves you feeling slightly breathless but still able to comfortably talk to someone. Low-intensity exercises include walking, swimming, or cycling.

On the other hand, high-intensity exercises will leave you speaking in short sentences as you sweat and breathe rapidly. High-intensity exercises include running, sprinting, aerobic classes like zumba, or circuit training. It is commonly believed that long, slow, and low-intensity cardio is best for fat loss as it utilizes aerobic exercises that burn fat during exercise. While some finds high-intensity cardio more effective for fat loss as it burns higher amount of overall fat.

So the question is, how to know which is better?

The short answer is that the best type of cardio, whether low or high intensity, is the one you will do consistently over time. The optimal plan is to start at lower intensity if you are new to cardio and slowly work your way to higher intensities as your endurance and cardio respiratory work capacity improve.

Reason is because beginners doing HI training are highly prone to body burnout due to continuous hardcore training that causes strains towards your body especially your muscles and joints. Burnout will leave you feeling extremely tired, cranky, exhausted, and too worn out to stick with your routine.

Low-Intensity (LI) or High-Intensity (HI)?

Best Of Both Worlds   

If you are a beginner, try interval training. Warm-up at a low intensity, and alternate one minute of high intensity with a one minute low (or you can call it recovery) intensity. As you progress, you can then start to either increase the intensity and duration of the high intensity part or decrease the duration of the low intensity part. By doing so, you will be able to burn more calories during the workout at higher intensity. Remember that losing fat is about burning more calories that we consume over time.

Combining both LI and HI will contribute to hitting your weight loss goals faster Remember to progress slowly with baby steps though. Doing too much too soon can lead to injury or burn out, which can take you out of the game.