Cardio workout burns calories in your body. Most people do cardio training to lose weight, gain body mass, train stamina, etc. There are different intensities for cardio exercises. Low or moderate-intensity exercise have their advantages.

The Advantages

Low Intensity Cardio

       Good for beginners to develop a base

  • Good for injured and rehab
  • Good for recovery from intense training or over training
  • Good for stress reduction, and; decluttering the mind
  • Easy to do with little training or coaching

High Intensity Interval Cardio

  • Time efficient (two or three 45 minute sessions per week is all that is needed)
  • Makes heart and lungs bigger and more powerful
  • Less risk of heart problems
  • Builds functional and real strength that allow you to be powerful in real world situations
  • Changes the way your body stores food
  • Burns more fat

Advanced Tips: Try HIIT!

Doing short bursts of maximum intensity exercise, followed by a minute of low intensity intervals. Example: Sprint 20 seconds as fast as you possibly can, then jog for 40-60 seconds. Repeat for 8-10 sets. Studies show that HIIT is optimal for fat loss and avoid muscle wastage from long duration of cardio workout. Plus, HIIT can be done less than 15 minutes! Talk about save time and fat blasting. HIIT is the BEST in every aspect.

Types Of Exercises


                Brisk walk
                Stretching routine
                Simple household chores: vacuuming, mopping, yard work, washing the car


  • Speed walking
  • Cycling
  • Basically up-levelling any low-intensity exercise by a notch will simply work as a moderate – intensity workout


  • Aerobic exercises
  • Jump rope
  • High speed running/jogging
  • Push up
  • Jumping Jack