Fat Burn Mantra – PART 2

To Successfully Shed Fat, First Shed Your Negative Thinking!

Research shows that one of the many important factors that influence weight loss is your attitude – whether you believe you can do it and if it is worth doing. It’s a simple theory – what you think will affect how you feel, and in turn the actions you take.

Similar to how conventional medications often treat symptoms of disease without addressing the cause, weight loss diets often address your weight without addressing what has led you to be overweight. Being overweight is not as simple as eating too much or moving too less – there’s an underlying combination of subconscious conditioning, self-worth issues, emotional difficulties and more.

Nutritionist Long Beach CAYou might be able to lose a couple of pounds with solely changing your diet and doing exercises, but it won’t last long as symptom-specific diets will only be temporarily effective. By addressing the underlying psychological cause that led you to being overweight while applying balanced diet and exercise will ensure you a long-lasting weight loss.
Follow these life-changing mantras that could help you eliminate any sort of destructive thoughts that sabotage your body weight.
1. Other’s opinions don’t matter as long as I love my body
Eliminate the fear of other’s opinions. When we despise how we look and how we feel, our bodies reflect and adopt to these ideas. Due to the environmental conditions, many want to impress and live up to other people’s expectations – it’s all because of other’s opinions. But loving yourself must come first if weight loss efforts are to be effective. Shed your fears. Learn to love your own body and each small change that occurs to it through your dieting effort.
2. Steady and slow, learn as you go. Lose too fast, it may not last. A little goes a long way
Focus on progress over perfection because no perfections come along without long-term progression. Be patient and work with a well-planned diet for a long run. Your body takes time to adjust to all the changes. Diet done in a right way will ensure your body to be accustomed to the changes and the effects are more lasting.
3. I may not be where I want to be, but I’m better than where I was

“I don’t have enough time; 15 minutes of workout won’t make a difference” – sounds familiar? This is the kind of statement that gives yourself permission to veer from the healthy habits that help you lose weight. Don’t find excuses, a tiny effort done is always better than none. 15 minutes each day rather than none will still make a change to your body regardless of how significant it is. Always remember that each small step taken is a step nearer to your goal. Never underestimate yourself.
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