5 Common Myths About Fast Weight Loss

The truth is we can build muscle and lose weight fast. Failure often comes on the hands of poor information. There are 5 common myths about fast weight loss that you shouldn’t believe.

Myth #1 – I overeat so there’s no way I’ll ever lose fat quickly.
Overeating is mostly the result of stress – when a person is worried, depressed, scared, sad, or anxious overeating is often the result. Decrease your stress and you’ll be surprised at how fast you lose pound. Becoming physically active can lead to a loss in weight.

Myth #2 – My genetics mean I’ll always be overweight.
Being fat isn’t a result of your genetics. Yes, some families may have a pattern of being overweight, but you can overcome your genes and lose fat quickly. Your genetics don’t control your weight, your lifestyle choices do. Watch a couple of episodes of “The Biggest Loser” if you want proof.

Myth #3 – I’m fat because of a slow metabolism.
It’s true when your thyroid isn’t functioning properly it can slow your metabolism and bring your fat loss to a halt. However, most people that believe they have a slow metabolism really don’t. Instead what they have is a need to jumpstart the body with a combination of good nutrition and aerobic exercise. It’s a simple as a 15-minute brisk walk.

Myth #4 – It’s possible to keep the weight off even with a fad diet.
If you want to quickly lose 10 pounds a fad diet will certainly allow you to accomplish that quickly. But the research indicates that 80% of dieters will gain the weight back in 5 years. Worse, you’ll also lose muscle mass and gain back fat. This might explain why society seems to be getting more overweight as the years go by.
Losing the weight using a diet (even a fad diet) isn’t so bad as long as you follow up with healthy lifestyle changes that ensure you keep the weight off.

Myth #5 – I can lose my belly fat doing crunches.
Far too many people attempt to get rid of belly fat with no success. What happens is muscle builds under the belly fat and then your belly looks bigger. If you want to lose belly fat faster aerobic exercise is the answer – in fact, you’ll lose belly fat as much as 10x faster with cardiac exercises.
Now that we’ve uncovered these 5 myths, you’ll be shedding those extra pounds faster than ever.

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