Cardio and Weight Loss

HIIT and Kettlebell

Another way you can take your workout even further is to use the kettlebell as part of a HIIT program. HIIT stands for ‘High Intensity Interval Training’. This means that you’re going to be exerting yourself 100% for short durations, then taking brief spells of rest in-between by performing at a lower intensity. So, you might swing the kettlebell for 1 minute at full-power, then stop to jog lightly on the spot for 2 minutes, then return to swinging the kettlebell.

This allows you to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time than regular ‘steady state’ cardiovascular exercise. Better yet, it has also been shown in studies to help increase your mitochondria – the energy factories in your cells that allow you to exert yourself for long periods.

But the real power of HIIT lies in the way it helps you to burn more calories subsequently. That’s because going at 100% exertion (that’s 90%+ of your max heart rate) causes the body to work faster than it can get energy from your fat stores. This is called ‘anaerobic training’ and it forces the body to rely on energy stored in the muscles and the blood.

When it does this, that then means that when you perform the slower exercise in-between, you only have the fat stores to draw on. So ironically, this means you end up burning much more fat in the long term. This process then continues even once you’ve finished training and you begin going about your regular business.

Using 10 minutes of HIIT a day, you can nicely cut off any fat you’re worried about and increase your calorie burn. This is recommended as part of a ‘finisher’ – a routine you use to cap off a resistance workout and to increase your overall calorie burn.

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