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As we age we lose muscle.

A researcher found that both men and women who don't perform consistent heavy exercise lose about 1/2 pound per muscle per year. Here's what caught my attention. This starts at the age of 20!

At 50 years old it's possible to have lost 15 pounds of muscle AND replaced that with fat.

What to do?

You want to perform resistance weight training but you want to do it properly. In order to gain back both muscle and strength proper resistance exercise is imperative.

What I mean by proper resistance exercise is learning how to lift in a controlled fashion that not only builds muscle but protects your joints as well.

Done properly resistance exercise doesn't have to be performed for longs periods of time nor does it have to be performed daily.

General guidelines for my aging clients (35+) is 2 days per week. Some of my older clients (70+) can only tolerate 1 session per week.

One more thought.

You don't exercise to burn calories, or in an attempt to atone for poor eating. Exercise simply doesn't work very well for either. Instead, exercise to improve the health and function of your body, and control your eating to lose bodyfat and maintain a healthy body composition.


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