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Weight lifting tips are very necessary for getting the most benefit from your workout. Moreover; it will also reduce the chances of sustaining a serious debilitating injury. The primary weight lifting tip is to warm up before starting your workout.

Do warm up at least for five to ten minute before getting started because it is very necessary for a cardiovascular vessel to get the blood flowing.

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One more weight lifting tip, which is very much important before weight lifting, is to stretch all your muscles. It is always better to start with a weight that you can handle at least ten to twelve repetitions, to build strength. Then as you progress and add more weight, with six to eight repetitions while always remembering to keep good form.

Before moving up to higher weights make sure you're comfortable with the increase because if you go over the top with heavyweights, it may tear and damage the muscle.

A spotter is advised when you progress to very heavy weights, it not only helps minimize any possible injuries. A spotter can help you get those extra one or two reps which can really help make a difference. Perhaps, if you're unable to complete the full six to eight reps, lower the weight. Similarly, do not lift more weight than your limit especially if you do not have any spotter because it can end with an accident.

Remember never hold your breath when completing a rep, as it can lead to broken blood vessels or worse. It is very important to breathe freely throughout the exercise. When doing a unilateral exercise, always start with your weakest side first and after that complete only as many repetitions on your stronger side. Never overwork your strong side, just because you can complete more reps.

You need to continue doing exactly the same reps on both sides, another thing sometimes due to our skeletal structure we're not 100% symmetrical. So one side looks bigger and more developed than the other side, don't worry, just keep doing the same amount of reps on both the left and the right side. As you gain size and muscle, it should even out and you won't notice any difference.

Work on all of your major muscles and muscle groups especially legs, abdominals, chest, back, shoulders and arms. It is important to exercise muscles in a balanced way. Don't just work out the top half of your body and not your legs, it will look out of proportion!

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