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How to Practice Yoga at Home with Your Child

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Practicing yoga at home on the living room floor is not only for moms who need to get back in shape - also the little ones can enjoy participating in yoga, thus achieving a stronger and more flexible body as well as enjoying the calming effects of yoga.

This article will explain why yoga is also good for children and it will give you some tips on how to get started on yoga with your children at home.


A happy child requires a child with a healthy and strong body, so it is a great idea to give your child some good habits from an early age. All it requires is some comfortable clothes and a yoga mat and your child is likely to enjoy a time of intimacy and fun with a parent in a nice and relaxing atmosphere. Yoga has many positive effects for children and it gives them a good foundation to build upon as they grow up. Yoga provides them with an amazing start in the development of their movement and it helps them discover the full potentials of their bodies.

Yoga has a great effect on children, who are so full of energy that they find it difficult to sit still or keep focus. Through yoga practice they can learn to concentrate through movement of the body, which will help them develop better ability to maintain focused for a period of time. On the other hand, a quiet and more reluctant child might discover new sides to his or hers personality and achieve a sense of confidence through this new form of movement.

It is important to keep a slow pace and avoid stressing the child with demanding positions. It should be fun for the child and be kept at a level that fits the child's development.

When starting the first yoga session at home it is important to motivate the child to participate. This can be done by making a nice atmosphere perhaps with some nice music, candles, blankets and pillows. You can start by playing a game where you pretend to be different wild animals, which the child will enjoy. You will have to get down on the floor as well to show your child how you roll around on the floor pretending to be a snake. This will give your child a good start as it will motivate your child to join the game.

Another exercise could be to stand on one leg pretending to be a ballerina and to develop the balance this way. If your child cannot stand on one leg you can bring a chair to hold on to. The important thing is that it is fun and that your child feels confident.

You can also try some easy breathing exercises where you inhale showing your big belly and then slowly exhale again inviting your child to do the same. Lie down on the floor with your heads close together. Do not expect your child to be able to control the breathing yet but you can introduce the subject in terms of playing.

It is important that you behave as a role model so your child can see what you are doing. This is a good way to introduce the different exercises as a game that the child will enjoy. Surely, your child will love to spend this time with you and give you a sense of closeness that is good to built upon.

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