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How do you lose weight through your diet? The problem is that the answer varies just so much depending on who you ask. Some people will tell you that the best way to lose weight is to start eating less. Count your calories and then make sure that you consume fewer calories than you burn. This way, you can maintain a deficit and be forced to burn fat stores.

Makes sense. But another blog will tell you something different. It might point out that counting calories is difficult to the point of being nearly impossible. And not only that, but it’s also boring and sure to put you off after a while. Worse, it says nothing of nutrition or appetite. If you just eat fewer calories, then technically you can lose weight by eating only donuts.

Which would also destroy your health and leave you hungry and malnourished. So, what do you do instead? According to this crowd, it’s more useful to focus on keeping your carbohydrate intake down. This will help you to prevent blood sugar spikes and will avoid ‘empty calories’ (if you avoid the processed, simple carbs). That way, you are getting only filling, nutritious and whole foods.

Great! Then there are the intermittent fasters and the low-fat crowd. No wonder you never managed to lose weight! The other issue is that all these diets are complex, they are hard to follow, and they are unsociable. They often involve spending large amounts of time in the kitchen cooking and they can get expensive. What is the most important part of any diet?

Simple: that you stick with it. There is no point in starting a diet unless you can sustain it indefinitely. If you start a diet and give up in two months, then you will put the weight back on! Okay, so let’s simplify. None of these diets is wrong. They all have good points. The problem is they go too extreme in one direction. As is so often the case, the ‘middle way’ is best.

In the next post we will delve into “the middle way and what it means”

Few hints –

Trying to eat fewer processed, simple carbs.

Avoid the obviously bad foods such as crisps, chocolate bars, ice cream and swap them for healthier things.

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Why Aerobics are So Good for You

Aerobic exercise has been around since the 1980’s and has benefited the exercise community by strengthening the body, improving circulation, and increasing performance. Aerobic exercise was obsolete before 1978 when exercise was about strength and resistance training by building muscles.

However, people realized that strong muscles didn’t equal best athlete. Performance suffered due to the lack of oxygen and increased muscle mass.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise requires the use of oxygen for the body to generate energy. Due to the increased period of time of exercise the body increases the circulation and transportation of blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. This allows for longer endurance during competition. Although, aerobics are not only good for performance, they benefit the body as well.

The benefit of health and performance through aerobic exercise is based on the duration and frequency of exercise. It is recommended to get a minimum 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise in on a daily basis. Cardiovascular exercise is any exercise that increases the heart rate while increasing circulation throughout the body. Aerobics are the most prevalent cardiovascular exercise. Not only does it improve circulation throughout the body, it strengthens the heart and respiratory muscles.

Both the heart and lungs become more efficient at pumping blood and oxygen throughout the body as aerobic exercise becomes longer and more vigorous. Red blood cell count increases in the body to transport more oxygen for exercise. Aerobic exercise uses the large muscle groups throughout the body therefore strengthening them while in use. It also reduces the risk for diabetes, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. The resting heart rate and blood pressure both decrease from aerobic exercise. It improves mental health by decreasing stress and depression.

Aerobic exercise is good for weight loss because it burns more calories at a faster rate. It raises the metabolic rate (the amount of calories needed for the body to sustain at rest) and burns fat when done consistently. During the initial stages of aerobic exercise glycogen is broken down to produce energy. As the glycogen, which comes from carbohydrates is used up, the body moves onto fat to produce energy.

This is a longer process and can cause performance to decline. However, over time as you continue to do aerobic exercise the body becomes more efficient at storing glycogen in the muscles to be used for energy. And because of the increased energy endurance is improved. The body also increases vascularization of the muscles to improve blood flow. The body becomes better able to break down fats for energy. Aerobic exercise also speeds up the ability of muscles to recover from exercise.

Aerobic exercise is normally categorized into two areas, low impact and high impact. Low impact aerobics include stair climbing, walking, swimming, housework, etc. During low impact aerobics one foot stays on the ground to support the weight of the body. For the most part any healthy person can do low impact aerobic activities.

Walking is the most prevalent low impact aerobic exercise because it can be done anywhere without the use of any equipment and requires no skill. Even though walking is a weight bearing exercise it causes less injury to the knees, and joints. If you are looking to include aerobic activity in your exercise routine start with low impact and work your way up to high impact.

High impact aerobics include running, sports such as football, tennis, rugby, dance, etc. During high impact aerobics both feet come off the floor simultaneously, even for a moment which can cause jarring of the joints when the body weight hits the floor again. When including aerobics in your exercise routine, start with low impact and work your way up to high impact.

People who are overweight, elderly, injured, out of condition should get approval from a doctor before jumping into high impact aerobics. High impact aerobics should be preformed on opposite days as low impact aerobics. Remember aerobic activity should always be part of your fitness plan.

Adopting a Low Impact Aerobic Workout Can Help You Burn Fat Faster

The most effective way to lose weight fast and easy is with a dependable low impact fat burning workout. We’re often told that strenuous aerobic exercise is the way to go for losing weight but quite often we are misled into believing that this is the only answer.

If you are a novice, you might harm yourself if you get started with high impact high intensity aerobic activity.

low impact

For that reason, it is better to start from the beginning at a moderate pace using low impact aerobic activity if you want to be able to get the most advantage from your fat burning routine. Walking for 20 minutes a day initially is a great way to build up your stamina if you have not been working out for very long.

The main goal of low impact aerobics is to get your heart going, and improve your circulatory system without damaging your skeletal structure in the process. I like jumping jacks and the jump rope because they can be done almost anywhere. Even though both involve jumping, they are surprisingly low impact workouts.

They are very easy and safe for beginners and offer progressive options for increasing intensity and skill. You can increase your proficiency and burn calories as well as fat. The point of fat burning workouts is to keep you in the zone for 24 to 48 hours.

Strength training also contributes to fat loss over an extended period. By including resistance training into your weekly the program, you can continue the fat burning process as you improve your muscle density.

High Intensity low impact fat burning exercises are a great way to get the fat burning results in an incredibly short span of time. Here’s how to lose weight and keep it off; try a rowing machine workout or the elliptical machine at a steady pace below aerobic capacity for 10 minutes. Gradually increase the intensity for three minutes.

Crank it up to a higher amount for two minutes say about 80% of maximum and then kick it up even further for one minute. Go all out for that one minute then return to the steady pace below aerobic capacity for another 10 minutes. This kind of variable intensity routine will get you burning fat in less time for sure.

This is perhaps the simplest way to lose weight for many people who are challenged with low metabolism. You’ll be able to boost your strength through these assorted workouts and are less likely to get bored if you are doing several movements from day-to-day.

Always get a check up from your physician when starting a new fitness program. If you want to lose weight fast and easy, adopting a low impact aerobic workout might be a fantastic way to go.

High Impact Aerobics

No matter what the age, people these days bent upon different fitness regimes. Some people join the gym, others start off with yoga classes or aerobics sessions, others take up jogging and some others just get into any sports.

Most people can vouch for high impact aerobics that have helped them get that toned look. You can go for these aerobics classes at any of the fitness institutes near your locality.

high impact

Before joining any form of aerobics, you should first be aware of what aerobics is all about. Also, you should make an assessment of yourself and your work, and be able to schedule a work out time for yourself. Aerobics is basically a form of exercise that involves a session full of rhythmic, large muscle exercise, accompanied with music, usually with an instructor.

For most people, it is more than just exercise. It is a form of dance, movement, and even a lifestyle. These aerobics are classified into two types, based on the levels of intensity – low and impact aerobics.

Low impact aerobics involves at least one foot in contact with the floor during the complete session. High-impact aerobics is one wherein both the feet regularly lose floor contact. It involves running, jumping and hopping. This form of aerobics involves high energy, continuous exercises. Since high intensity aerobics involves a lot of foot usage, it is advisable for people with joint problems in the legs to not attempt these exercises.

Many people find aerobics as a good option to shed those extra kilos in a quick and easy way. You can find many people who can confirm that aerobics is a fun way to workout. These high impact exercises not just help you to reduce weight, but it also helps in strengthening the bones, joints and muscles. If you want to lose weight, or are looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness, then this is the best form of exercise for you.

High impact aerobics usually offer more intense and stressful workouts. In order for you to get maximum benefits of these aerobic exercises, you should ideally have an aerobic session for at least 30 minutes for 4-5 days a week. If you are just starting off with this form of fitness, it is better to start off with low impact exercises first. Aerobics also serve as a good form of stress relievers.

Aerobics… High Impact or Low Impact?

Aerobic exercises are activities which raise your heart rate to about 60% to 80% of it’s maximum rate and sustain that rate for a minimum of 15 minutes. The more fit you are, the longer you can work out without becoming breathless.

There are two types of aerobic exercise: low impact and high impact. Let’s talk about some of the activities that fall into each category.


Low Impact

1. Walking

Walking is an easy aerobic activity because it requires no special equipment other than some comfortable, supportive shoes. It can be done on a treadmill if you prefer to exercise indoors. As you are able to walk for longer distances at a quicker pace, your weight loss benefits increase.

2. Step Aerobics

This is a rhythmic activity that incorporates the use of an aerobic step bench.

3. Bicycling

Cycling uses the large muscles of your legs to increase your endurance in a non-weight-bearing manner. If you are worried about your balance or simply prefer exercising inside you can use a stationary bike.

4. Swimming and Water Aerobics

These activities can really speed up your heart rate! Because of the resistance of the water, you burn more calories swimming than you do walking or running the same distance. For the same reason, any exercises done in water also burn more calories than those done on dry land.

High Impact

1. Aerobic Dance

This is the exercise of choice for many women because it is so much fun! You can find a class to join or workout with a CD or DVD. To make dance into a low impact activity, make sure you keep one foot on the ground at all times.

2. Running

Because you are obviously putting forth more effort, running burns more calories than the same amount of time spent walking. It is extremely important to wear shoes that fit well and are made specifically for running to protect your body from the repeated pounding.

3. Rope Jumping

This is another high impact activity that can have excellent cardiac benefits as long as it is maintained at a moderate pace for at least 15 minutes.

It is recommended that some type of sustained aerobic activity be done for 20 – 30 minutes three times a week. In order to stay motivated and not become bored you should vary the activities.

Ask your health care professional before starting an new exercise regimen. And remember, when engaged in aerobics, if you’re breathing too hard to be able to carry on a conversation, you need to slow it down!

Aerobic Workouts are Just What the Body Needs

We hear it all the time, on the news, the radio and all over the internet: We are getting fatter with each passing year, and the adverse health risks associated with our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits are killing us faster than almost anything else.

Aerobic workouts are just what the body needs to cleanse, strengthen and tone itself while sharpening the mind and improving mood.


Diet and exercise are two fundamental tools that each one of us has at our disposal to promote overall health and well-being. However, it seems that these things are also two of the hardest things to control and gain the upper hand with. Aerobic workouts are fantastic because they are simple to do, hardly cost anything to begin, and they are highly effective in melting fat.

Aerobic workouts rely on the principle that the faster the heart pumps and air moves in and out of the lungs, the more your body metabolizes. This means that you are burning more energy when active then when you are not. If you are interested in losing weight and sharpening mental skills, aerobic workouts are the perfect way to accomplish both.

Diet is also important, and the less junk you eat, the less weight you will gain. Combining healthy eating with exercise can quickly turn your body into a healthy machine that is optimized for strength, stamina, endurance and overall well-being. The less calories you take in every day, coupled with the more you burn from aerobic workouts will lead to fast results that will amaze and encourage you to continue achieving.

Whether or not you want to do high impact aerobic classes at the local gym or some simple things like jogging or intense walking on your own, there are plenty of options and techniques to explore and develop. As you become more accustomed to working out on a regular basis, you can adapt your routines to fit your preferences and tastes. If you don’t like running but love to dance, then dancing can be an excellent source of fun, exercise and toning that will leave you feeling wonderful.

Another benefit to aerobic workouts is that you are condensing the time it takes to burn calories. The harder you apply yourself, the more you burn. That means if you can increase the level of activity during the routine, you can shorten the amount of time it takes to complete it. Also, the more you work out in the day, the more your body will burn at night. Ultimately, you set your goals and work to achieve them, and the more effort you put into it, the more you will receive.