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Best Anti Aging Exercises

It has long been known that our bodies and hormonal levels deteriorate as we age. Our skin loses its elasticity and our bones start to weaken over time. Fortunately, we can slow down the effects of aging on our bodies by doing certain changes in our lifestyle – and having regular exercise is one of them.

Studies have shown that having regular exercise is actually one of the best ways, if not the best way, to delay the signs of aging. Exercising regularly alongside eating a healthy diet would greatly help not only on improving your fitness level but on your longevity as well. With this, let me share to you some of the best exercises that you can try. Read more

Wonderfully Fit

How to Exercise at an Old Age

Obviously, your body changes along with your age. Due to the physical changes like decreased muscle tone and decreased capacity to work aging individuals do not typically engage in regular exercise. But this is not a valid reason for you not to exercise as you age.

Exercise is needed by the body at an older age even more than it is needed when you’re younger. You still can do many of the things you did when you were young. The slight changes are that you have to perform lower intensity exercises. This is how to exercise at an old age. Read more

Exercise Machines for Seniors

Maintaining regular physical activity is important for people of all ages. For senior citizens, exercise can play a key role in promoting good circulation and muscle strength to increasing energy, balance, and mental focus. It can also help seniors feel better by reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.

There are lots of ways for seniors to get started with an exercise program, whether by joining a fitness center, taking a class at a senior center, or purchasing exercise machines and other equipment for the home. Many types of fitness equipment are designed specifically for the needs of the senior citizens to ensure an enjoyable and safe exercise routine.


Seniors looking to join a fitness center or purchase exercise machines for the home should consider hydraulic fitness equipment. Hydraulic exercise machines are designed to be easy to use with good joint stability and muscle control to minimize risk of injury. They are ideal for seniors who may be concerned about the impact of more traditional exercise machines on their bodies. Many of the machines are operated in a sitting position and can be easily adjusted with the touch of a button or dial. There are a variety of strength training hydraulic exercise machines to choose from that work different part of the body. Some popular machines for seniors include shoulder, leg, and chest press machines, as well as bicep, row, and abdominal machines.

Seniors should also consider cardiovascular exercise machines. Walking is a great, low impact form of cardio exercise for seniors. Treadmills make it easy to walk anytime, no matter the weather outside. They can be easily adjusted to suit one’s pace and often include extra features for monitoring heart rate and calories burned. More active and physically fit seniors can benefit from the ability to adjust speed and incline on a treadmill for a more challenging workout.

Recumbent exercise bikes are also popular among seniors looking for a cardiovascular exercise machine. These stationary bikes offer a reclined sitting position, which can be more comfortable for some seniors. Different levels of resistance can be set to make a workout easier or more challenging. A recumbent exercise bike is especially ideal for those who become easily bored by an exercise routine. Because of the sitting position and minimal bouncing of the body, it is easy to read, watch television, or listen to music while exercising on a recumbent exercise bike. This makes it more likely that a senior will enjoy and keep up an exercise routine.

Exercise is important for everyone’s health, including seniors. There are many choices of exercise machines that are well suited to the physical needs of older individuals. It is quite possible for a senior citizen to remain fit and active throughout their golden years. By setting up an exercise routine including both strength and cardio equipment, seniors can promote good health while feeling stronger and better about themselves.


Easy Exercises For Seniors in Wheel Chairs

When confined to a wheelchair, it is important that regular exercise be undertaken to enhance the tone and strength in other limbs as well as helping to avoid DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and other poor health outcomes.

Here are some simple wheelchair exercises that are appropriate for senior citizens. These exercises will help with the quality of life and are not complicated.


There are three types of exercises-strength, resistance and cardio. All have their place as exercises for seniors in wheel chairs.

Cardio exercise is probably one of the most difficult to achieve for the less mobile as it involves increasing the heart rate to a level that encourages the burning of fat. Finding a method of low impact aerobic activity can greatly improve the health of the wheelchair bound. For exercises like these you want to focus on activities that increase the heart rate using the arms.

Apart from cardio, resistance training to build muscle tone and strength training to encourage the best use of these muscles is vital to the health and well being of anyone in wheelchairs. If manual chairs are the norm, then upper body strength can be important to assist in proper function and movement. Strength and resistance training can be done together and will allow the user of the wheelchair to feel more in control of the apparatus.

These types of exercise are best achieved using small weights and dumbbells for lifting exercises, and can be a great way to stretch and extend the muscle after being used in one position for movement. Higher muscle mass also contributes to a faster metabolism, meaning the wheelchair user can use these exercises also to avoid gaining weight.

Using resistance bands means that the exercise is based on using the person’s body weight as resistance. It requires a lot less equipment and can be completed almost anywhere. It also allows the user to attach the bands to the wheelchair and instead of working around the chair to achieve exercise results; it makes the chair part of it. This can help for those who may feel a bit disconnected from their chair or resentful of its presence.

One great machine if you’re looking for equipment for fitness is an arm based rowing or pedaling machine. This allows circular movements of the arms, to varying levels of resistance and is all completed while seated regardless of who uses it. They can be adapted to allow for wheelchairs and this makes them a great option for all round fitness.

When planning exercises for seniors, it is very important that they are designed specifically for the older body. If you have access to specialized doctors it is worth getting their opinion on the needs and limitations of seniors in general, and then adding in any wheelchair specific considerations.

Exercise for seniors is traditionally gentler and slower so don’t expect to get results as quickly as you would with younger people. It’s also important to encourage proper nutrition to allow for the healthiest body and energy available to expend.

Senior Citizens Should Still Workout

As you grow older, staying fit and healthy is more important than ever before. By following an active lifestyle and working out regularly, you will definitely take care of your health and increase stamina. The suggestions listed here will present some handy fitness strategies for a seniors.

Growing older doesn’t mean you have to stop working out. In fact tons of senior citizens are becoming more active than ever. They might have to start making small changes in the way they go about exercising.


Always putting safety first and foremost. Senior citizens should workout and can do all the exercises of younger people. This includes, weightlifting, yoga, running, cardio and aerobics.

Seniors have to exercise and build muscle to prevent bone mass loss. The longer the person puts off working out the more chances of developing osteoporosis and other ailments. To prevent loss of strength the individual should do some form of strength training and incorporate some cardio for stamina. Cardio exercise also keeps the heart healthy. Yoga is also a great exercise for seniors. It helps with balance and flexibility.

Joining a senior class at a local gym is a very good for you. Not only will it help the person to get into shape, but help make new friends to workout with. The more people you can find to exercise the more fun the class is going to be. There are more senior classes opening up than ever before. Enjoy this time and workout hard. You’re body will reward you with increased energy and more stamina.

People have to realize that walking is one of the best exercises you can do. Walking costs nothing but the time and effort that the person puts forth. It’s one exercise that can help almost all seniors. Anyone can do it, and for the most part there is not much stress on the joints. Walking outside, walking on the treadmill, and walking on trails offer you lots of options. Try to walk a minimum of twenty minutes a day, one hour maximum. The more the individual walks, the more likely they are going to see positive results.

Swimming for senior citizens is very helpful for joints and tendons. Low impact swimming also aids in muscle recovery and healing. Senior classes normally offer swimming and most people love the benefits and feeling after a nice swim. The amount or swimming is totally up to the person. I have seen many seniors swimming laps in the pool, so for a good workout maybe start with one or two laps and work up from there.

As we get older it’s even more important to take care of your body. Yes it is true seniors do get some aches and pains from time to time. That should not stop the person from being active. Keep striving everyday to exercise to fight of disease and to feel great.

The Wonderful Benefits of Simple Exercise For Seniors

Then you should go for it. An active lifestyle is very beneficial. It help boost energy levels and can even help to reverse some of the problems of aging. It can improve your energy and strength. It doesn’t matter what your age, or illness, you will improve flexibility and balance by moving more.

Endorphins produced by being active will decrease depression and help you feel better. Plus it increases your self-confidence. Exercise will increase heart health, blood pressure, and bone density.


Your whole body will improve with regular exercise. It will reduce the problems of aging and will improve your strength and over-all well being.

It will help you lose weight. Exercise increases metabolism and burns calories to help you reach a healthy weight.

Getting active will improve your sleep patterns, by helping you to fall asleep easier and sleep sounder.

Your brain will have added benefits by helping to preventing memory loss and dementia.

Where to start? Start slow, build up your program a little at a time. Warm up, cool down and have water available all the time.

If something hurts, stop doing it. Exercise was not meant to be painful. Try something else.

One of the best and easiest cardio exercises to start with is walking. Make sure you are in a safe area, without a lot of traffic. Be aware of your surroundings. A very popular place is a local mall. I know some malls even open their doors early to accommodate the early walkers. Plus there is safety in numbers. Or find a walking partner. Set a time to meet that’s good for both of you. It doesn’t seem like a chore when someone else is there to talk to.

After you have gotten in the habit of walking four to five times a week for at least thirty minutes a day, it’s time to add some variety to your workout.

Swimming, hiking, cycling are a few more forms of cardio exercise that can be fun and a change of pace from walking.

Also check with the YMCA. They have many programs available for seniors. One that is available in Florida is Silver Sneakers. It features many different classes for seniors. Zumba, water aerobics, Yoga and Tai Chi are just a few.

Also if you live in a warm climate most senior housing complexes have pools available. Check your television. Some stations have an exercise channel.

Take advantage of what’s around you, and enjoy.

How Senior Citizens Can Stay In Shape

As we grow older, our bodies undergo many changes. And not all of those changes are good ones. Our bones go weak, our muscles sag and our strength walks out on us. It’s something that we cannot avoid but there is a way to slow down the aging process and that is with exercise. Almost 85 percent of senior citizens fail to exercise regularly even though they know the importance of it.

And the reason for that is almost the same as the one younger people have. That being exercise is too tiring, too hard or it takes too long for the results to show. It’s also a problem for older people being at the gym because of the younger people around them. And honestly, we all have our insecurities and when we’re older, being around a lot of younger people doesn’t help out. So, if you’re part of this age group and you want to stay fit, you can start working out at home instead.


The first thing older people need to consider is what exercises they should do. The number one exercise for seniors are cardio exercises. Cardio exercises can help keep the heart healthy. Walking, swimming and bike riding are the recommended exercises for seniors. If you don’t have a pool at home, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. You can get a treadmill and a stationary bike to get the exercise you need. The next best exercise is strength training with the help of some dumbbells. As we grow older, our muscles grow weaker and they actually shrink. Doing strength exercises can help with preventing this because muscles that are frequently used decline slower. It is critical that before you do any of these exercises that consult your doctor so they could give you a recommendation.

If you’re ready to start working out at home, the next thing to do is to get the equipment you need. Before you get them though, you have to look out for some things. Since seniors are not as strong, the equipment needs to have soft steps or cushions for some equipment such as a treadmill. For dumbbells, you can get those that are made of rubber so it would be safer in case it’s dropped.

Before you start, make sure that you have someone to workout with, if necessary. This person not only ensures that you’re safe, they can also encourage you. It’s just like being in the gym with a trainer except you don’t have to deal with that many people and with that noise which irritates some older people easily making their exercises more uncomfortable. Don’t forget to do some stretching as well as this helps with your flexibility which is also important to keep your joints healthy.

Exercise is good for everyone, young or old. We just have to remember that old saying, no pain, no gain. Go ahead and make a fresh start tomorrow. Don’t be aged, be ageless.

Strength and Balance Training for Senior Citizens

Fear of losing balance and falling can be terrifying for senior citizens. It is estimated that approximately one-third of the senior population age 65 and over are admitted to the hospital due to falls. As age increases, so do the statistics. Approximately 50% of seniors who have hip surgery from falling, will experience another slip within six months.

One of the primary reasons seniors fall is due to lack of strength and balance. Our bodies are meant to move and many seniors lack serious exercise routines, resulting in loss of balance and strength. Learning an exercise program designed specifically for strength and balance for seniors is essential in fall prevention.


For many unconditioned seniors, balancing and strengthening exercises can be challenging. Always begin an exercise program with a trained Senior Fitness specialist. A fitness professional will begin any exercise plan with a thorough assessment of balance and strength issues, including postural deviations, soft tissue injuries, and any skeletal disease.

Benefits of an exercise program are vast. A cardio-respiratory program designed for your specific fitness level will increase blood flow and oxygen uptake to vital organs allowing those organs to work more efficiently.

Stretching exercises will help you lengthen muscles that have been shortened due to inactivity allowing for more freedom of movement and ease of muscular pain.

Balance exercises will help you with many of your daily activities, including standing up from a chair or getting out of a tub without falling. Balance is also important for being able to move quickly out of harms’ way, as in a swift moving vehicle coming too fast as you are crossing the street.

Strength training is vital in keeping muscles and bones strong. Strength training has proven to help reduce osteoporosis and increase bone density. This can help reduce deformity in the joints and fractures especially in the hips and spine. Muscle imbalances and lack of tone can be reduced with strength training exercises. Strength training will also help to improve your step and gait which may reduce the need for walking with a walker or cane.

Cardio-respiratory exercises, strength training, balance exercises and stretching routines combined will add not only valuable physical improvement in day to day activities but also provide essential mental health. Increased oxygen flow to the brain and organs increase efficiency and helps reduce the loss of memory and improves mental sharpness.

Beginning an exercise routine may appear to be daunting at first, but hiring a professional fitness trainer who specializes in senior fitness is the first step. Always check with your physician and get a medical clearance before beginning an exercise program. Take small steps, build up your endurance and most of all, enjoy feeling the benefits of exercise.

The Benefits of an Effective Strength Program For Older Adults

If you know me then you are know my stance on strength training, fitness training, and exercise. I am going to completely reinforce my opinion on the importance of training and exercise in this article. I will never stop pushing, not now, not ever. If you are an elderly person then it is even more important for you to read my advice and what I am about to say in this article.

To start off, age is a number. I completely understand the physiological details of “getting older” are not something any of us can avoid. There are all types of diseases, illnesses, disorders and ailments that stem from the aging process. Fortunately these things can be slowed and sometimes even reversed with proper exercise.

strength training

If you are an older adult and beginning to feel the effects of aging start to advance then you need to begin strength training. Strength training for elderly people is very UNDER-RATED! As you get older your mission should be to put medical professionals out of business because you are so healthy and fit.

Men and woman alike can benefit tremendously from strength training. This type of exercise has been known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, increase bone density, muscle mass and flexibility, and create better balance and stability in your body. Of course these are only a few examples of the benefit you will derive from a proper and effective exercise program.

Are you ready for a wheel chair, becoming bedridden or feel pain all the time? I am not sure about you but I want to live to 75 years of age feeling like I am 25, rather than live to be 100 but feel 200 years old. I know we only get one body and one chance at life so we should live it to its fullest.

There are so many issues with today’s healthcare system. And with the constant worry over rising cost of medicines and care, I believe the best solution is to eliminate the need for a healthcare system. Effective strength training and a person program design specifically to make you sweat is the answer.

Exercise Tips For Older Adults

Older adults need to stay active as they age in order to enjoy a fuller, happier and more active life. There are many good reasons to stay fit as you age and to continue exercising for the rest of your life. Healthy activity helps to keep your bones strong, dissipate depression that can be common among the elderly and fight various forms of illness such as diabetes or heart disease.

There is almost no end to the benefits reaped by those who continue to exercise no matter how old they become. Of course, the demands of healthy exercise changes as we age, but it’s always good to implement a good exercise program that is appropriate for older adults. Here are some helpful exercise tips for older adults that can help you stay fit.


1. Aerobic Exercise

You should do some sort of aerobic exercise at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes a day. You can configure this base line suggestion by breaking up the 30 minutes into 10 minute segments if you need to throughout the week. Just make sure to complete at least 2 hours a week of exercise activity. Aerobic exercises can be anything like walking, swimming or tennis.

2. Muscle Resistance Activity

Not only do you need to do some form of aerobic exercise every week but you also need to add some muscle resistance activity to your schedule so that you can keep your muscles healthy as well as your joints and bones as strong as possible. Light weight lifting that includes all the muscle groups is important. You should weight lift at least 2 days a week. You can alternate muscle groups throughout the week so that you don’t over-stress any particular muscle group too much. For a more detailed plan, you can join a gym and hire a trainer who can set you up on an age appropriate weight lifting regimen.

These are some basic exercise tips that have proven extremely helpful to adults as they age. You can always increase the amount of minutes you exercise each week and add more weight lifting activities to your schedule for added benefits. If you have any concerns, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise or fitness program.