Bad Dieting

How Bad Dieting Destroys Your Metabolism!

So, you’re looking to lose weight and the first thing that comes to your mind is to stop eating all the foods that you enjoy. Then, not being a fan of vegetables, you don’t replace those foods with healthy meals.

Thus, you end up starving yourself which in turn slows down your metabolism. All of these things are counterproductive to long-lasting weight loss so the diet fails. When you gain all the weight back, you blame yourself for not having the discipline to stick with an overly restrictive diet. On the contrary, bad diets are hard to follow because of these two reasons. Read more

Bad Dieting

What a Bad Diet Can Do to You

A bad diet is not something you want to go on if you can help it. You must weed out what is right and what is wrong when it comes to diet plans. There are so many crash and yo-yo diets that can cause you more harm than good. There are also diets that are nothing more than fads to get attention. These diets are not meant to be taken seriously. These can be the worst of all, as these diets could have dangerous repercussions.

While you can look online to see which diets are good and which ones are not, it can still be very hard to tell. Many doctors are not familiar with the current fads and every single diet available. You have to be very careful when it comes to choosing a real diet. Read more

Bad Dieting

Aging Effects of a Bad Diet

There’s no escaping aging… but if you’re looking in the mirror and thinking that the person staring back at you is OLD, it might be time to take notice of what you’re eating as the effects of a bad diet can speed up aging.

Lifestyle choices (smoking and sun exposure come to mind) you’ve made can certainly impact how old you look, so too, it appears can your diet. An unhealthy eating pattern, beyond doing a number on your body, sends the aging process into high gear, so that you look years older than you are. Read more

Bad Dieting

What Makes Bad Diets Bad?

There are good diets, there are bad diets, and there are very bad diets. There are diets that work, and there are diets that will never work. For the person looking to lose a few pounds in weight, then the weight loss business presents a confusing mixture of what to do and what not to do.

However, there are certain pointers that indicate that a particular diet may not live up to its claims, and in fact, could be dangerous from a health point of view. Such diets may be termed ‘bad diets’ not only because of the potential health danger but also because they fail as weight loss tools. Read more

Bad Dieting

Three Bad Diet Mistakes to Avoid

Although a great deal of information is now available about weight loss, people keep making the same mistakes in their diets. We’re not referring to little slip-ups such as eating a piece of the pie that’s not on your diet plan; we mean big mistakes that can cause you to never reach your weight loss goal.

However, understanding these bad diet mistakes can help you develop the attitude that can help you achieve permanent weight loss. Read more