5 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Oh the holiday rush is right around the corner! I can feel it in my bones. Shopping, dinners, holiday parties, holiday treats and crazy business wreck havoc on our bodies, minds and emotions. It’s not hard to see why most of us get pulled totally out of balance during the holidays. While the holidays always bring lots of smiles they also tend to bring us a lot of other things we don’t want, like extra pounds, sicknesses, low energy levels and too much stress!

In fact the incidence of flu and colds double in incidence in December and January and it’s no wonder why. All the things that lower our immune resistance, stress, sugar, unhealthy fats, too much food and not enough exercise, are in full effect. Too many treats, too much wine and not enough of everything healthy drives us to set healthy goals and resolutions for the New Year which is great, but why wait until the New Year? With a few easy tips you can stay healthy and balanced and sail into January looking and feeling your best!


1. Stay Active

This is an important one and no running around and shopping does not count. When our schedules get busy one of the first things most of us squeeze out of our lives is a healthy exercise routine. It’s important to stay active during the holiday seasons most especially because exercise addresses exactly what we need to stay in balance during this time: releasing stress, increasing energy and increasing metabolism. The Holidays can be stressful and exercise is one of the best ways to release this built up stress and prevent it from doing any damage to our internal body. Even taking just a 30 minute walk each day will do wonders for your health and well being.

2. Eat Healthy Outside of Parties & Holiday Functions

We all know it will be next to impossible to say no to pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy and all the great treats the Holidays naturally invite. It’s not so bad to indulge every once and awhile in fact it creates a healthy balance in your life, what is important is not to allow indulging to turn into an all day, every day thing. Fatty and sugary foods are naturally addicting because the heighten neurotransmitters in our brain, the feel good mood chemicals.

So once we have a taste of this stuff, we want more! If you watch yourself, you’ll notice the times you fall off the “healthy eating wagon” are times that start with a wonderfully indulging meal or dessert. That one meal turns into days of eating in unhealthy ways. Knowing this ahead of time will give you some awareness If you know you will be attending a Holiday function, be mindful to eat healthy the day of and the day after. Allow yourself to indulge, but know the next day you will be back to your fresh, healthy diet. Following this step will ensure you keep yourself balanced throughout the Holidays.

3. Start Your Day Fresh

I talk a lot about the importance of fresh, raw foods in the diet and that is because it not only keep your health at the highest levels, but also your outward beauty radiant, your emotions balanced, and your energy and drive high.his can be a challenge in the colder months because cold, raw foods can throw our bodies out of balance. So what to do? Well, I have found starting the day with a fresh green smoothie is the best approach to getting a healthy dose of fresh foods while allowing the rest of the day to be more balanced to the external weather with warm soups, grains and veggies.

Green smoothies naturally cleanse your body, which is best done first thing in the body, increase the amount of oxygen supply in your body, which is a great way to jump start your day, hydrate and alkalize your body and infuse your cells with living nutrients and enzymes. Starting with a smoothie also keeps your digestive energy exertion to a minimum freeing up energy first thing in the morning, when we all need it most. Adding a green smoothie during the Holidays gives your body the nutrients it needs while flushing toxins (think wine, sugary desserts and fatty meals) each and every day. This one tip will immediately increase your energy, vitality and overall health almost immediately.

4. Manage Stress

Stress! There’s that word again. Stress is talked about so frequently in a truly holistic approach to health because it has such a negative and profound effect of every area of your life and all of us have way too much of it! In fact during stressful times your biological age, the age of the inside of your body, can be as much as 32 years older than your calendar age! That’s how negative stress is on the inside of your body. The Holidays become a very stressful time for a lot of people. Spending, shopping and pressure are all words that can be synonymous with the Holidays if we allow these things to have an impact on us, and for many it will have an impact on us. It’s important to your health and well being to have a stress releasing and reducing routine in place and this becomes even more important during the Holidays.

Stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, exercise,and taking ample down time will help you stay in balance and keep your health vibrant even during the most stressful times. As little as 5 minutes a day of deep breathing can go a long way to help reduce your stress and the stress impact on your body and health. You can contact us directly to receive a free 5-minute deep breathing exercise. Make sure going into the Holidays you have a plan in place for the days and times you will dedicate time to releasing stress. I find meditation exercise and yoga to be the most beneficial for me. What stress releasing techniques are most beneficial for you? Make sure they are in your weekly schedule.

5. Don’t Get Lost in the Hustle and Bustle

The Holidays should be a time of family, love and thankfulness. The rest like parties and presents are just ways of expressing those things. For years I was caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, most especially making sure my kids had bigger, better presents. Then I became more conscious and watched. I watched as my kids opened present after present, and as present after present was literally thrown to the side to open the next. There was no appreciation or gratefulness and I knew this was my fault. In the last couple years I have began to take the approach of offering gifts as a representation of love and appreciation for my children. This has translated into less presents with more meaning and more meaning has translated into less of all the other stuff.

It’s so easy to get lost in the marketing, advertising and pressure of the Holidays but it’s important to take time to decide what the Holidays truly mean for you. Once you have that understanding, your actions can align and your focus will remain clear. Coincidentally enough, this results in less stress and a better sense of peace during the season. Don’t get lost in everything the Holidays aren’t, instead stay grounded in what the Holidays are. This will minimize your stress and other negative emotions and increase all the positive and peaceful feelings the Holidays innately generate.

Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Common sense is your first, most important tool for staying healthy when all those around you may be coughing and sneezing!

So let’s begin there with these 3 basics:


Wash Your Hands

Use plain soap and water as antibacterial soaps create resistant bugs. (Hand sanitizers when you can’t wash are okay) This one tip alone can go a long way in protecting you since it decreases your chances of spreading a virus to yourself (through touching your mouth or nose) or to others. Of course coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your sleeve is also basic to avoid spreading the flu or a cold.

Stay warm

This is very important when fighting a cold or flu virus as bodily warmth increases the activity of your immune system. This is also why a low grade fever is your body’s way of fighting sickness and shouldn’t be immediately stopped. Getting into a warm bath and soaking is a great way to allow the warmth to penetrate your body.

Get Adequate Sleep and Rest

A fatigued body cannot fight viral invaders effectively! Your immune system is depressed when you’re tired.

Now to some tips you may not be aware of that can help your body’s immune system stay strong and protect you from the germs and viruses you will inevitably come in contact with:

Avoid Sugar and Processed Foods – Alkalize!

As I’ve mentioned before – sugar depresses your immune system – exactly what you DON’T want to do. You want to keep your pH balanced since disease, including viruses, cannot live in an oxygenated, alkaline environment! Using a green food like spirulina is a great way to alkalize. Spirulina also increases levels of antibodies in the mouth and nose where these viruses gain entrance!

Manage Stress and Stay in Joy

Stress is part of everyday life – when it becomes overwhelming and constant, it breaks down your body making it less able to fight off invaders. There are different techniques you can use – prayer and meditation are among the best and I recommend you practice them daily. Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Make it a point to practice an attitude of gratitude, laugh and smile and enjoy each day. Laughter all by itself is a powerful medicine.

Exercise and Stretch – Stay Active

Keeping your blood flowing, oxygenating your body and staying strong will go a long way to keeping you healthy even when those around you seem to be falling like flies! Exercise is a great stress reducer, increases your circulation, makes you sweat, which releases toxins, makes you breathe heavily so you take in plenty of oxygen and helps circulate lymphatic fluid moving toxins out of your body. In fact, some studies have shown that frequent, gentle rebounding (as little as 2-3 minutes 4 times a day) can halt the onset of a cold. The only caution is that if you feel tired or weak – don’t overdo it or push yourself. Listen to your body.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure to drink adequate clean water daily! I recommend one-half your body weight in ounces every day as a minimum. Water helps your body detoxify itself and helps alkalize your system.

Revitalize Your Energy for Fall

As we go into the Fall season, so much about Nature begins to slow down after the hectic Summer months. As the days get shorter, our bodies want to revert to our natural inclination which is to prepare for Winter and Winter’s hibernation time. Because of this, it’s possible for our energy levels to begin to drop.

But we, unlike Nature’s animal kingdom, have our busy lives and it’s necessary for us to keep up our energy and vitality at the highest and best levels possible.


Here are a few tips to help you accomplish this:

  1. Turn on more lights – Whether at home or at the office, turn on more lights. This helps ward off the natural sleepiness that darkness brings. Also, if you have access to and can use light bulbs which give off a natural light spectrum, these are most helpful. If you are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), this type of light bulb is most important for you to counteract your condition.
  2. Go outside and breathe deeply – The cooler, dryer air of Fall can be stimulating. Breathe it in deeply to invigorate yourself and to clear out your lungs and other toxins from your body.
  3. Stick to a healthy diet – We are fast approaching the holiday season with all its candies and rich foods. By eating healthy now, you can enjoy a few more indulgences later. Also you will help avoid many illnesses that start going around this time of year. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water and take your vitamins and supplements.
  4. Stick to you are exercise regimen – Exercise gets your metabolism fired up and contributes to improving your overall health, immune system and stamina.
  5. Get plenty of rest – Even though you want to be energetic, you also need to balance with good, restful sleep to maintain your body’s equilibrium. One without the other can cause health issues.
  6. Make plenty of R and R time for you and your family – Get out and enjoy the benefits of the season; attend a Fall Festival or carnival, take walks and enjoy the colors that Nature provides this time of year. These add happiness and joy to your life to lift your spirits and your energy.
  7. Open up the windows – Our homes need to breathe too. Open up and let the air in to clear out all the old energy, mustiness, smells, etc.
  8. Meditate and bring the energy in – During your daily meditations, see yourself pulling in bright, energetic light; see it replenishing your natural batteries. Spiritual energy is just as important as physical energy, so welcome it in daily.

By using these tips, you will have an energy filled, joyful, and productive Fall season.

Exercising in the Great Outdoors

Fall is a season that brings a lot of natural beauty and pleasant weather. You may think when summer is over that outdoor activities stop too. That is not the case at all. Temperatures in fall may still go up into the 70’s during the day and pleasantly warm up mother earth. This is the perfect time for young and old to spend time outdoors. Whether it is to exercise vigorously or to simply walk and take in the fresh air.

Remember, exercising or walking outside are great stress relievers, which we can all use these days. The crisp, fresh air can help clear your mind.


When the leaves turn and all the trees show their yellow, orange and red colors it paints a marvelous picture. Houses are decorated with pumpkins and hay balls. How more beautiful can it get?

When exercising outdoors always dress according to the weather and preferably layer clothes. Also remember to drink plenty of water.

Outdoor exercise and activity ideas:


A perfect activity is a hike through the colorful woods out in the crisp, fresh air on a sunny fall day. Make sure you layer clothes since the mornings may be on the chilly side but when you start hiking you will warm up quickly.


Even though kayaking is on the water, it still is a great activity to do in fall. A sea kayak where you actually sit in the boat is preferred over an ocean kayak since you can put on a spray skirt, which helps to keep most of our body dry unless you were to tip over. Some of the parks allow kayaking on their lakes. For a longer excursion there are various kayak rental or touring places along the Delaware River.


Take out the road bike or the mountain bike and ride through the area enjoying the colors and the scenery. When the leaves start to fall down, be more cautious in curves, as the bike may slip away from under you especially when the leaves are wet.

Running, Nordic Walking or Walking

These are wonderful activities to do in the area. You can run or walk in one of the many parks or in the neighborhood. And do not forget about the beach. There is nothing more relaxing than a walk on the beach during off-season. You do not have to deal with the crowd and you can enjoy the calming sound of the waves. In addition, the sand calls for an extra strenuous workout.

Kite Flying

Fall usually brings stronger winds especially down at the beach. These are perfect conditions to fly a kite. Setting the kite up and maneuvering it once up in the air will get your heart rate up while having a lot of fun.

Fall is also a perfect time for family activities such as:

Farm visits and pumpkin picking

Take the kids to a local farm and have them pick their own pumpkin. Not only do they get to be out in the fresh air but they also spend time walking and running around the field to find their perfect pumpkin. They will also see where those pumpkins grow.

Raking leaves

Make raking leaves a family activity. The entire family gets to be outside in the fresh air and everybody gets a small workout. To incorporate some fun for the kids hide a lollipop in one of the leave piles and have them search for it. You can also have them find a few very pretty leaves that can be pressed and preserved.

Enjoy your fall. It is a wonderful season.

How to Have Better Breathing and Healthier Lungs in This Fall Season

Ah the time of year again where the leaves change color, the air gets cooler, and the winter season is just a few weeks away. If you just read this and see these things happening outside then obviously you don’t live in Southern California.

Out here the leaves stay the same, the days get hotter and the Santa Ana winds return. We have seen this just recently and have seen the horrible affects of the wind with the recent wildfires, but what maybe isn’t seen to everyone but felt by a lot is the toll this wind, heat and lack of humidity is doing to people’s allergies and lungs.


Most of us either have or know people who have been coughing, sneezing, stuffy, constantly trying to relieve their dry throat, having more and more asthma attacks and just generally feeling pretty miserable. It’s no fun to be feeling this way, and we can expect just more of these days to come, but what can we do to help alleviate the symptoms and possibly prevent them?


Now all you people who aren’t in Southern California don’t stop reading, these tips are great for anyone suffering from similar symptoms; hopefully they will relieve your allergies and make for better breathing and healthier lungs.

First of all take care of any problems you may have indoors in your home.

  • Replace sheets and pillow cases with those that help to prevent dust mites from escaping the bedding and wash these bedding weekly in hot water.
  • Make sure and keep your rooms free from clutter and vacuum and dust regularly.
  • Try to avoid going outside during high pollen count or very windy days; most weather reports now include a pollen count that can be a good guide to when you should avoid outside air as much as you can.
  • Especially avoid exercise during these days, replace your routine with things that you can do in your home.
  • Make sure and keep your windows closed during these days, don’t want to bring inside the air we are avoiding outside.
  • Use saline eye and nose drops to keep your eyes and nose moist during days of very low humidity, drink plenty of water and if needed use over the counter antihistamines or decongestants.

Following these tips can dramatically help relieve your allergies and help you to have a healthy and happy fall season.