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Resistance Bands Aid In Building Muscle

Many people find resistance bands to be comfortable alternatives to heavy weights. This is because they are small, very easily handled and are compact. This is exactly why people question their ability to build muscle. They look weak and frail and so people often have doubts of their performance and its effects on the muscle.

Muscles will get stronger when they are trained with any item that makes them exceed their ability. Regardless of if the item is just a book or an elastic tube, the muscle gets strong if it is challenged and made to work hard.

resistance bands

The portability and inexpensive nature of resistance bands make them perfect options. Different muscles can be challenged at varying levels by the use of bands that come in different levels. The traditional dumbbells are heavy, occupy a lot of space and are not easily portable but the resistance tubes can just the opposite because they are everything the dumbbells are not.

Workouts done using a dumbbell can be done with resistance bands as well by just tweaking the exercise a little. In addition a lot of exercises are available to individuals using these bands. Dumbbells and resistance bands work the muscles in different ways. The bands create a recoil effect when they are stretched leading to storage of kinetic energy. This kind of negative energy works muscle perfectly both while going up and down. This effect is not produced when working with dumbbells.

The bands tighten as they are lengthened and so the load can feel much stronger. This creates a lot of tension which helps in challenging the muscles further. Resistance bands are very versatile and come in countless shapes and sizes. These also come with attachments for the door and handle sometimes. It is ideal to buy many bands with different loads if you intend to strength train. Talking to a representative at the store will help you decide on the type of band that will work for you. They are easily available in any fitness store. It is advisable to purchase a minimum of two loads to get an effective workout. You need to keep changing the pattern of workouts in order to test your muscle ability which ultimately leads to gaining strength. Fresh workouts can be formed by adding more repetitions and adding heavier loads.

Therefore it is clear that resistance bands are indeed a smoother and less expensive alternative to dumbbells without having to forgo the exercise benefits.

Wonderfully Fit Personal Training

Resistance Bands For Building Muscles

The use of kinetic bands or resistance bands has increased considerably in recent years. They can add a new way to your exercise sessions and also aids in getting leaner and stronger.

Many sports people like runners, athletic trainers use these bands and also people who are looking to reduce their weight or wanting to stay fit also use them. Resistance bands also make knees and thighs stronger which helps a runner great deal. There are several benefits associated with using resistance bands.

resistance bands

They make a proper alternative to lifting weights. They are small in size, compact and very easy to use. Many people are going for these bands today as they are portable and inexpensive. As they are easy to use and safe, it can be used by people of all age groups. They are available in different resistance levels.

Resistance bands are available in different shapes and sizes. The most versatile ones include bands with handle and door attachment. These can also be used for strength training and you can get bands with varying loads for the purpose.

Training using kinetic bands help improve body flexibility and also improve body balance. For athletes, they help in raising their stamina. They are a source for intensive exercise and therefore help to improve body postures and make it leaner and fitter. They also are cheaper than the other exercise equipment and buying more than one will not be a problem.

They are also easier to use than the other equipment. Only a few sessions and you can very well learn how to use them properly. If you are already following a workout routine, then adding resistance bands can add variety to your fitness regime and can help you get fitter easily and in less time.

These bands occupy lesser space and can easily fit on one’s pocket. Other machines take a lot of space and you can’t also carry them with you out. These bands can offer you the advantage of carrying on with your exercise even when you are out of city. They can be your companion when you are travelling.

You can use low, medium or high level of resistance bands. Selecting resistance band for exercise are a great way to build your muscles. They are light weight, inexpensive as well as flexible. You can easily find these bands at any sports or fitness shops and these can also be ordered online.

Wonderfully Fit Personal Training

Can Resistance Bands Help You Build Muscle?

Resistance bands are a comfortable alternative to lifting weights. They are compact, easy to use and less intimidating than iron. Because of their small size and weak appearance, many people wonder if and how exercise bands build muscle.

Weight training with any item that exceeds the muscle’s ability will create stronger muscle. One can use a book, an iron dumbbell or an elastic tube. As long as the muscle is being challenged, strength will come.

Resistance bands

Resistance tubes are a good choice for most because they are inexpensive and portable. Bands come in a different levels of resistance, so users can challenge different muscles at varying levels. Dumbbells can be intimidating, take up a lot of room and do no fit easily into a suitcase. Exercise bands are easy to use and very safe.

Any exercise that can be done with a dumbbell can be modified to perform with a resistance band. In fact, more exercises are available to those using resistance bands than to those using traditional iron weights.

Resistance bands work muscles differently than dumbbells. As one stretches the band taut, the band stores kinetic energy in the form of recoil. This recoil is negative energy which works the muscle on the way down as well as on the way up. Working out with dumbbells does not create a recoil effect.

Resistance bands also become tighter as they are lengthened, which means that a load of 15 pounds can feel more like 30 pounds as the band is stretched taut. This feature creates a building effect of tension and challenges muscles more than working with a dumbbell.

Bands come in many shapes and sizes. In general, bands with a handle and door attachment are the most versatile. When using bands for strength training, one should purchase several bands with varying loads. Resistance bands are available at most fitness stores. Store representatives can help one determine which bands will work best. In order to keep workouts challenging, at least two different loads should be purchased.

In order to gain strength, it is important to vary workouts and to keep testing your muscle’s ability. Adding more repetitions and a band with a heavier load are great ways to keep a workout fresh.

Resistance bands are a great way to build strength and are a viable alternative to using iron weights. Bands are safer to use, less expensive and easy to take with you.

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Using Kinetic Bands To Workout

Body strength is naturally associated with being an athlete, from the 98lb. high school wrestler to the 390 lb. offensive lineman, strength is key to success. The question of what method to use to workout, because strength can only be increased by building muscle, without becoming injured, is often hotly debated.

There is no one method to build strength, because the term strength itself is ambiguous. A well built gymnast, an incredibly strength dependent sport, will pale in size and muscle development of a professional body builder, a sprinter will be leaner than a football fullback, although they both run for a living.


One method of exercise which has increased in recent years is the usage of kinetic or resistance bands, as a way to maximize workout results. This is not a new concept as isometrics, basically the same thing as far providing resistance, has been used for years. Springs and large elastic bands have been incorporated into workout routines since the 1900’s or earlier.

However, with today’s increased technology and the wide variety of synthetic materials available, the kinetic bands which can be utilized have been greatly increased to accommodate nearly every sport we play, baseball included.

The main advantage these bands provide is the ability to provide the benefits of resistance training, while performing the actual physical performance motions you are trying to improve. This serves to not only strengthen the targeted muscles, but re-enforces muscle and neurological memory, which further decreases reaction time, thus increasing performance.

Technique and strength training drills, utilizing kinetic bands, can be incorporated into a training regiment which will increase your speed. For this drill you would need resistance bands connected in such a way as to give resistance when you raise your knees towards your chest.

Sample Drill Procedure:

Concentrate more on technique than speed of your sprints. Your upper body should be erect, straight over your hips, do not lean forward. Lift your knees as high as you can towards your chest as you run.

Increasing Range

The first step is always critical in attaining maximum speed as quickly as possible, thus increasing your chances of reaching balls hit deep in the hole or behind the base. The speed and the explosive power of that first step can be enhanced by performing drills while bands are attached to your affected body part.

Sample Drill Procedure

Attach the bands to each ankle providing resistance while you attempt to open your legs wider. Standing with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, shuffle sideways extending your left leg sideways then bringing your right leg to meet it. When finished repeat using the opposite leg going the opposite direction.

This exercise will increase hip flexor strength, a major muscle for increasing lower body quickness, and when resistance is removed, the legs will react quicker, which will also affect the cross over step as it will become explosive allowing more ground to be covered in less time.

Strengthen Legs for Hitting & Pitching:

Sample Drill Procedure

Attach bands to both legs. Perform a normal wind up and delivery as well as a stretch and delivery. Hold at every stage for several seconds (example: leg lift, leg plant) building strength in every muscle required to perform each portion of the windup and delivery, enhancing performance.

Sample Drill Procedure

Attach bands to both ankles. Perform your normal hitting techniques, Starting Mechanism, Stride Forward, Open Hips and follow through with your swing. For maximum performance hit balls off a Tee while performing this drill.

Wonderfully Fit Personal Training

Kinetic Bands – Use and Benefits

Kinetic bands add unique set of exercise to workout sessions. They help one to get leaner and stronger. They are mostly used by athletic trainers and also find application in the field of physiotherapy.

Runners use this type of resistance for improving their performance. They make thigh and knees stronger. There are some other benefits of using these bands.They improve agility as well as flexibility.

kinetic bands

Improves Flexibility and Agility

Kinetic bands like other resistance band exercises improve flexibility of the body. Exercising with these bands makes one more agile.

Better Balance and Stamina

Training with these equipment improves balance of the body. It also heightens stamina during intense athletic performance (not allowed in actual athletic events).

Leaner Body

Since they pose more difficulty to free movement of body, exercise is more intensive. It makes the body leaner and fitter. It also improves postures.


The biggest advantage of these bands over traditional equipment is cost effectiveness. They come at a cheap rate and buying a pair or two is not a problem. They are usually available in all sports and fitness equipment shops.

Easy to Use

The bands are easy to use and could be easily learned to use. Few sessions can make you an expert in band training.

Use It With Other Traditional Exercises

You can use band training with some other traditional exercises. This will add variety to existing set of exercise that you are doing.

Take Less Storage Space

Bands are small and take less space for storing. Machines and free weights take more storing space. They are so small that it can be accommodated in one’s pocket.


Some people are diligently committed to their training program. They do not wish to miss their regular exercise. A pair of resistance bands will give the opportunity to do your workout wherever you want. They are portable and are a good exercising companion while you are travelling.

Using the Bands

Many athletes use kinetic bands for training themselves. It is an effective tool for improving their performance. Sprinters and jumpers predominantly use them.

The bands are attached to both the legs above the knee. Make sure the strap is tight enough to avoid sliding. You must remember that they should not be worn in athletic events like matches and games.

Choose the Right Level of Resistance Bands

Bands come in varying levels of resistance and are coded with different colors to denote different levels of resistance. Young athletes (men as well as women) use lower level of bands for training themselves. Bands with medium level of resistance are used in athletic drills. Higher resistance is not recommended for normal people. Athletes who have gained enough strength with intense exercising use them for further improvement of their performance.

Kinetic bands make leg and hip stronger. They also improve cardio endurance of the body.