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How To Lose Weight Permanently Without Fad Diets Or Surgery

Many persons have tried and fail at weight loss and I need to admit that this is because there is much misinformation and also mis-truths out there when it comes to weight loss. The excellent news is that the truth on the subject of fat loss is not a secret, and you do not have to pay wads of cash to lose weight.

Billions of dollars are spent every year on slimming programs, but we still are getting fat. I am sure you, like me, are constantly bombarded with weight loss ads, emails, banner ads, and solicitation. Even now I get them, and I usually do not need to lose any more weight. Can we have some reprieve?

tips on losing weight without trick diets or surgery

If you, yourself are to experience and enjoy permanent fat reduction, then some fundamental changes will have to take place in your lifestyle. And unfortunately, this is the most difficult aspect of the diet. Weight loss programs look and sound good on paper, but unless they offer a lasting solution to your weight loss, you will visit the same road over and over. Therein lies our dilemma, too many calories and not enough activities.

The first one we want to look at is the type of foods we eat or what we eat. It is no surprise that we are the fattest nation in the world if you look at the typical American diet. This diet consists of obtaining calories from 35 to 50% fatty foods, mostly from animal sources.

With all the marketing and food placement tactics that supermarkets use to try to get us to purchase junk, we will have to be disciplined not to buy them.

Fat not add is fat not needing taking away. Are you confused by that? You see if decide to eat a 6 oz steak which is regarding 1200 calories instead of a wholesome vegetarian meal which would consist of just 500 calories, you will have to work hard at losing those seven hundred added calories. If you had eaten the vegetarian meal you would have to do nothing.

Eating smaller in general meals throughout the day will help cut down on overeating. will not snack, but instead, eat fruits or a salad or some raw nuts. Success starts with breaking your fast! Have breakfast every day.

If you stop the habit of eating late at night after 8 AM, then you will begin to notice a change in your energy levels the next day and you will be more inclined to eat breakfast. It is better to eat more frequently throughout the day but with smaller portion sizes at each meal.

Here in the USA, we have become a very sedentary bunch of couch potatoes. The less we become active, the more we get fat, and the more we get fat is the less active we become. Start small just by simply walking around the block, and then build up from there.

Nutrition Long Beach CA

Liquid Diets Or Surgery Can Make You Lose 50 Lbs…But is it Worth?

When it comes to weight loss all of us wish to come across a wonder! The dieters are willing to spend any amount of money to lose more weight is less time. Innumerable advertisements suggest that you could lose 50 pounds in a month. Using liquid diets and the surgical methods they have actually made it possible. But is this worth the gamble? We wish to become slim in order to look pretty. But can an unhealthy person look that pretty & attractive?

Here are some diets and surgical means to lose 50 pounds in a month and their side effects:

diets vs surgery


This is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting some medicines & herbs in the skin. It targets specific areas like thighs, breasts, arms, belly, etc. If not done with the right medical & technical expertise, this can lead to hazardous consequences. These include bruising, swelling, pain, scars, etc. In some cases, people have even fainted with a high fever. Besides, the worst side effect is that women can not conceive after getting this done. Nursing mothers also avoid it. So, are willing to lose 50 pounds in a month at that cost?

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

Another wonder of science, this is a surgical process that involves a major operation. Like all major surgeries, this is risky and calls for a lot of care and attention after the process is completed. The worst part is that the moment body forms more fat, you become bulky again. That means even if one loses 50 lbs. in 30 days, it is sure to come back in another 60 days. What’s the fun then of spending a fortune and ill-treating your body for this result?

Liquid Diets

The doctor’s had devised this process to cleanse the stomach of the patients before they get operated. But the Hollywood celebrities have started using it to become super skinny. They become fat again, yet they are willing to screw their muscles & become weak. The fact is that if you stay only on a liquid diet for more than 10 days, you shall land up in a hospital. Also, the weight you lose is not the body fat, it is your water weight and the muscle mass. It can never help you reduce 50 pounds in a month.

There are healthier means of weight loss to consider. These include natural diet supplements like Acai Berry and Colon Cleansing.

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What Is a Pre-Op Weight Loss Hospital Diet

Patients that have a weight loss surgery coming up are made to follow a pre-operative weight loss diet. Such a diet serves two purposes. One, it demonstrates to the doctor that you are indeed capable of following a strict dietary regimen. In the absence of a disciplined diet schedule, surgery by itself cannot offer a long-term solution to keep the weight down. Two, it gives you an opportunity to lose as much weight as you can in a natural manner. Every pound thus lost makes the surgery that much easier on you and also safer.

A pre-op weight loss diet is often to lose a targeted amount of weight, maybe 10% of the total weight.

advice about pre-op weight loss diet

Studies show that patients who meet or exceed this target benefit more from the surgery. They stay in the hospital for shorter duration compared to others and their weight loss over a given period of time is also greater. Such diets are high in protein, which means that you do not lose muscle, only fat. A big physiological change is that the size of the liver decreases with even 10% – 15% weight loss. This not only makes laparoscopic surgery easier but also improves liver health, which is vital for fat metabolism. In fact, shrinking the liver before the surgery is one of the objectives of this diet and is often achieved by putting the patient on a purely liquid-only diet.

Normally, a pre-op weight loss diet is only for a fortnight or so; but if the surgery is a complicated one or the weight-loss target is high then you may have to be on this diet for as much as three months. A duodenal switch requires diet over a longer period, lap-band patients can diet for a shorter duration.

Usually, the diet will eliminate high-fat food items, fried foodstuffs, and sugary items. These are substituted by fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grain bread, and similar items. Thin soups are preferred. Milk products are from toned and skimmed milk. Instead of sugar, sugar substitutes are used.

The period of a pre-op diet is also a time for the patient to assess his own mental and physical preparation to adhere to a post-op lifestyle. What you do during the pre-operative phase will determine the success of the entire weight-loss program. If your counselor advocates surgery during the period before operation then, by all means, do exercise. Burn as many calories as you can. It’s a given that you will have to stop smoking to improve your health and chances of a quick recovery. The nutritionist may ask you to abstain from certain over the counter medications that can act as blood thinners or appetite stimulants.

As an aside, if you have health insurance that covers surgery, check the implications of a pre-op diet on such surgery-related cover. Sometimes, a weight-loss diet program before surgery is mandated by insurance companies.

These pre-op diet programs will vary with the hospital; you should gather references from those that have successfully undergone such a program prior to surgery.

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Is Surgery Right For You? (Diet Vs Surgery)

Choosing to get weight loss surgery is a life-changing decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, for people who are morbidly obese trying to lose weight without the help of surgery can feel like an almost impossible task and requires determination over a very long period of time.

Research has shown that obese individuals that undertake weight loss surgery are less likely to regain the weight compared to people who lose weight by dieting and exercise. It does seem like a quick fix but overeating and man-made foods are a hard habit to kick and almost anyone can fall into stages of weight gain very quickly.

Is Surgery right for you?

The BMI or body mass index is a commonly used measurement to diagnose morbidly obese individuals as candidates for weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, this type of measurement is very biased and does not calculate how much muscle is on your body or your body weight in relation to your height.

There are three basic types of surgery’s these are

Restrictive procedures – restrict the amount of food that your body can eat at one time, with some self-control you can do the exact same thing on a healthy diet

Malabsorptive procedure – alters your normal digestive process which causes foods to be poorly digested. This method is unpopular due to the body not absorbing nutrients needed from food and its quite similar to starving yourself.

The third type for especially severe cases is a combination of the two.

There are many factors that affect your body and how much fat you can lose with the most common reasons being

Age – as you get older your metabolism slows and you have to be more conscious of your diet and to eat healthily. Will be harder to lose weight

Sex – Men are able to burn fat faster than women, so if you are not seeing the same results as your husband on the same diet, it’s natural. They can both build muscle and burn fat and more muscle usually means more fat loss.

Ethnicity – some studies suggest that African American women do not lose as much weight as Caucasian women. This may or may not be true for everyone but its something to think about when choosing between diet and surgery we are all built differently and genetically prone to store fat in certain places.

Weight at Surgery – The heavier you are when you go in for your weight loss surgery the more fat you will be able to lose, this is just common sense and you will notice obese individuals dropping amazing numbers each week.

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Which Is Best For Weight Loss? (Diet Vs Surgery)

Nowadays weight loss becomes a huge business and there are various procedures that promise results, but it is very difficult to navigate in this jungle. Almost most of these procedures are expensive and they often give varied results from one person to another, this would make it even harder to find one that works better for you.

Many people want to lose their weight, but for the persons who are overweight, surgery may be the only option to successfully do this. Some others may lose weight by making changes to diet. So, it is better to consult your doctor to find the right option that works for you.

weight loss tips dieting vs surgery

There are many points you need to consider while choosing a weight loss method, such as:


Most of the doctors, who perform surgery for weight loss, including bariatric surgery, only do so if a person is overweight. The candidates should have their body mass index as 40 or more to undergo weight loss surgery. If you are obese and suffering from medical problems like diabetes, but the BMI is not high, then also you are eligible for the surgery. Weight loss surgery should be considered as a last resort. If your body mass index is below 40 and you are healthy, it is better to make changes to your diet rather than going for surgery. Changes in diet can reduce your calorie intake and increasing your workout activity is a good option to lose weight and keep it off.


Having surgery to lose weight results in a larger reduction of weight in a less period of time because after weight loss surgery, your stomach is unable to take too much of food, resulting in a dramatic reduction in calorie intake. If you are obese and have surgery, you would likely reach your aim much more quickly than by reducing calorie intake. If you want to lose your excess weight by making changes to your diet and exercise habits, then it will take much more time. The amount of time this would take will depend on how much weight you want to lose, such as a 20-pound loss would take 10 to 20 weeks.


Different procedures are available for weight loss surgery. These procedures vary from one surgery to another surgery that depends on which surgery you choose. Each surgery needs anesthesia. The surgery takes almost four hours and after surgery, you need to stay in the hospital for at least three days. After surgery, you need to make some changes in your exercise patterns and eating habits. To avoid temptations, simply it requires perfect planning on meals and focusing on regular works.


Mainly to reduce the health problems and injuries, you need to take suggestions from the doctor before starting a new diet and exercise. Weight loss surgery contains several risks, so before undergoing the surgery, you need to consider all those risk factors.