How Professionals Improve Your Lifestyle By Making A Fitness Plan?

Maintaining health is one of the crucial factors for a fulfilling life. If you are not healthy, you cannot attain your dreams because of persisting chronic illness. Further, overall fitness improves your lifestyle by miles. Therefore, it is essential to have professional coaching from a nutritionist and wellness coach and land on a well-organized health plan. A health plan often provides you with a routine schedule and food intake. It has a detailed manual of the exercise you perform, the kind of food you intake, and a list of activities like yoga for overall wellness and lifestyle. Let’s look at the post on how a coach maintains your health chart.

5 Ways Expert Coaching Enhances Your Life Through Making A Diet Plan

Health is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of life. Thus, you need to maintain your health for a fulfilling life. You need a professional coach to make the most out of your life. These nutritionists and trainers devise a layout that enhances your life. Here are five proven ways expert coaching imparts quality health in your life.

1.  Address The Fitness Goals

Great professional coaching asks about all the fitness goals you want to achieve in a specific period. After that, experts outline the viable goals you can achieve in a limited time frame. These experts divide your goals into minor parts to make them look more manageable. These goals may be increasing strength, muscle, function, and aesthetics. The devised road map will achieve your goals.

2.  Coach Outlines The Activities You Like

The coach asks you about the activities you like. These activities include skating, boxing, running, jogging, hiking, and many more you enjoy during the day.

Further, this exercise helps improve body shape and burns accumulated fats. It also reduces the extra calories you intake. You will enjoy this part of the day by doing the activities you like.

3.  The Experts Include Essential Workout Elements

Professional coaching includes workouts like cardio and strengthening to improve your core. These activities are included in your fitness plan as per your goals and fitness levels. Moreover, you will find exercise that enhances your stretching and mobility to instill flexibility in your body. A skillful trainer also knows that your body needs the right amount of time to recover. Therefore, coaches introduce ample rest to ensure your body regains as much as it drains.

4.  Coaches Prepare Impactful Diet Plan

Without healthy and impactful foods, you will get drained of energy. Nutritionist and trainer ensure you have the right amount of food in your diet plan to increase your power. These experts provide you with ample nutrients in your body to regain the mass and shape even better than you have imagined. A good diet suggested by an expert has all kinds of proteins, a little fat, necessary carbs, multivitamins, and other vital nutrients.

5.  Prepare An Effective Schedule That Works For You

Once you make up your mind, consider that half of your work is completed. A lot of people have a hard time following the routine schedule. Taking positive initiatives combined with discipline is a way to go. Further, professional coaching asks intriguing questions like the time you take for exercise. These experts make a sensible schedule and the number of hours you dedicate to the program. How much time do you require to achieve perfection in following your daily activities?

Uplift Your Health Through Our Professional Coaching!

Professional coaches uplift your health by preparing the possible routine plan for you to follow. The program consists of all the activities and diet charts you need to follow body strength and wellness. Therefore, it is crucial for you to take coaching for improved health. Are you looking for a personal trainer in Long Beach? You can reach out to Wonderfully Fit PT services for the coaching that imparts the necessary difference in your lifestyle. Avail of our wide range of affordable services to boost your overall wellness. Call us now.

Few important things to consider before hiring a personal trainer

personal trainer

We can totally understand that you wish to get into shape but just don’t know where to begin. Instead of wasting your time trying little ineffective knick-knacks, you must find someone who can help you achieve your fitness goals. Hiring a personal trainer in Long Beach would be the best thing to do if you have been struggling to stay motivated for a long time. But how is it that you go about finding the right personal trainer? After all, you will be spending a lot of your time, money, and effort and you must find nothing but the best to assist you in your fitness regime. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a personal trainer in Long Beach.

  1. Define your goals. To be completely focused, you need to have a picture in your mind of what you wish to achieve. Do you just wish to stay fit or do you wish to undergo intense training? Until you have a well-defined objective in mind, there is no point in spending so much on hiring a personal trainer. A good trainer will understand your objectives and work accordingly. When you start by outlining your desires, you are more likely to end up with a trainer who will push you to your maximum potential for a good outcome.


  1. Consider your budget. We are all aware that personal trainers demand hefty fees for their services. The ones working in opulent gyms and having higher education can really end up burning a big hole in your pocket. Have a set budget in mind and choose a trainer accordingly. You must also discuss whether or not they can offer you a discount. Ask about the different packages that they offer and you might just end up with a good deal.


  1. Do not fall for a big name; ask for credentials. These days it is easy to come across personal trainers having Instagram profiles and it is very important for you to not be tempted to hire them just because they have a huge following. It is possible that some of such trainers might not even have credentials. You must hire someone who has a good record of delivering results to their clients. Hiring someone with credentials is your best bet at finding someone who would be able to assist you in getting fit.


  1. Check whether your personality is compatible with theirs. Different personal trainers have different methods of motivating their clients. If you are completely laid back in your approach and you find someone who wouldn’t encourage you to push yourself to the limit, there will be no point of spending so much on hiring such a trainer. If your personality does not gel well with that of your trainer, you will be able to reap no major benefits out of your fitness regime.


Clear all your queries before hiring a personal trainer in Long Beach; also tell them about any injuries or health conditions that you suffered from in the past. Furthermore, once you start training, you must also assess from time to time whether or not you are making any progress towards your goals.


Important Motives for Undergoing Regular Work-Outs or Exercises

If you want to improve your health and fitness you need to do exercise or workout on regular basis. You can lose weight at the same time. That is not all. Slim and healthy body that you achieve due to meticulous exercise program also helps you to decrease level of bad cholesterol and increase amount of good cholesterol thereby reducing threats of attack of different diseases like cardiac attacks, high blood pressure level and the like.

Whatever the reason is, be it weight management or prevention of diseases or any other thing, one should stick to fitness regime to get desirable results. Here is the list of motives that may allow you to work out on regular basis.


Weight Loss:

Reduction of fat is one of the important reasons that compel people to go for stringent workout program. In order to get valuable tips to lose weight you may contact one of the best trainers of your region. The most common tip is to change dietary habit, participate in suitable programs and get rid of unwanted pounds quickly. There is one more suggestion. Always wear comfortable clothes during these sessions. In this way you can take up meticulous programs and accomplish goals with least difficulty.

Decreases Pain of your Joints:

Consistent workout program is the best way to get relief from acute joints as well as muscle pain. Strengthen your core, reduce back ache and stay safe from different kinds of injuries. Reports have shown that people were astonished to find that the back pain that they had endured for so many years were reduced due to active participation in exercise sessions.

Build your Muscle Tissues:

Development of muscle tissues is beneficial for your health. As compared to tissues of fat, muscle tissues help in burning of calories throughout the day. For increasing strength of muscle tissues, it is important that you would practice different kinds of resistance workouts.

Prevent Age Related Problems:

Gone are the days when senior people became home-bound and suffered from different ailments. Nowadays they are more conscious about their health. In order to avoid aging and associated illness they stick to rigorous workouts to remain healthy. Recent studies also conclude that relevant workouts reduce withering of several genes within human cells and therefore slow down the process of aging effectively.

Prevent Type II Diabetes:

There is another reason why people often go for workout session. People who suffer from Type II diabetes are greatly benefited from regular work outs. Exercise stabilizes the sugar level of body and thus allows your body to utilize insulin in effective manner. Plus, you can lose weight that also increases sensitivity of insulin to a great extent.

To Increase Energy level:

A regular workout program improves your level of energy and makes you feel good like never before. If you wish to achieve drastic results in terms of health management it is important that you should take help of an experienced instructor quickly. He or she will instruct you and show you proper tactics and strategies that will speed up fitness results.

Whether you wish to lose weight or just want to improve lifestyle to stay fit, you may find different reasons to work out. No matter what the reason is, make sure you would do it correctly and efficiently.

Fitness Myths – Working Out Properly

Working out properly can really help you to get the gains you expect in a shorter period of time. How many of these common misconceptions have you believed to be true?

working out

Fitness Myth 1: “Aerobics is better than weight lifting to get in shape.”

You hear this one a fair amount but the reality is, if you want muscle definition and a better “after burn”, you need to lift weights. You can burn calories just as effectively with weights if you work in super sets to help keep your heart-rate up. The more effective result is the fact that weight training will create an “after burn” effect. This is when your body continues to have an elevated metabolism for several hours after your workout which is difficult to duplicate with cardio.

Fitness myth 2: “When women lift weights, they will get bulky.”

This myth is unfortunately heard a lot. The science behind weight lifting says otherwise. Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for large muscles. Women simply do not produce nearly enough of it to produce the “bodybuilder” physique some believe they will create. Female bodybuilders who are really built take extra testosterone to attain their size. They do not come by it naturally.

Fitness myth 3: Muscle grow during your workout.”

As you lift weights that put a strain on your muscles, you breakdown muscle fibers that will then need to be repaired. When this happens, they are slightly larger than they were before and more defined to compensate for the next loads they will need to lift. You tear them down when lifting but the repair process starts after your workout as they are rebuilt over the next 36 hours or so. The recovery process is really important to help your muscles grow.

Fitness Myth 4: “Training with 3 sets of 10 reps is the best workout for results.”

There are two issues with this myth. Using the same type of workout every time may cause you to plateau and stop seeing results as quickly. A change of pace is a good thing. The other problem is what your goal is for your training. Power versus strength versus endurance all require a different type of program. High reps with low weight to low reps and high weights will give very different results.

Following specific principles of weight lifting can really help you to tone, get muscle definition and lose weight if done properly. If you are not really sure what to do, get some advice from those who know.

Women Working Out in the Weight Room

Some women have a fear of the weight room at their gym. Many women and personal trainers as well believe that if a woman works out in the weight room they will end up with a bulky manly physique. Myths like this are giving resistance training a bad name.

As personal trainers we have to remember that men and women are physiologically different. Men in fact increase muscle mass due to testosterone. While it is true that women also secrete and deliver testosterone just like men do, women do it at slower rates and much less volume.


This slower and lower dose of testosterone allows women to build a more tone and lean muscle while also increasing metabolism to aid in weight loss. Most women start an exercise program to lose weight and look better, but there is more to it than this. Resistance training has many benefits that will help women’s health, both now and in the future. Looking good is great, but exercise can do so much more for a women’s long-term health. Resistance training may also decrease day-to-day stresses from our fast paced lifestyles.

Stress is a very dangerous and often overlooked factor that can lead to decreased motivation and eventual increase in body fat. Studies have shown that proper exercise can cut stress dramatically. Another often overlooked health issue for women is bone mineral density (BMD). Because of a higher level of estrogen, women are at a higher risk of low bone mineral density than men. A consistent resistance training program can increase BMD in women and dramatically reduce the possibility of osteopenia and/or osteoporosis. A well planned resistance training program can also help posture, balance, flexibility and stability for all ages. These are all very important daily and long-term health.

Cardio vs. Weight Training

Anaerobic exercise may lead to to an increase of metabolism, but aerobic exercise is important too. Aerobic training is very important for the cardiovascular system (“heart health”). Some people have trouble combining cardio and resistance training. First, if the trainee wants to increase power and strength than including cardio exercises can make all the difference. This is because of an increase in the muscle capillary density, increased number of mitochondria, and a possible change in fiber type.

Additionally, if a trainee that wants to increase their aerobic power can do this by combining both cardio workouts with resistance training. This will allow for an increase in aerobic power due to an increase in VO^2 Max. VO^2 Max is the amount of oxygen exchange within a muscle for adequately supplying and keeping the muscle cells functioning properly.

For weight management and exercise in general, the goal is to combine both types of exercise by using circuit training. Circuit training will allow a trainee to increase their aerobic and anaerobic power by incorporating moderate to high intensity exercises with resistance training. This will keep your heart rate up and increase your metabolic rate.

Resistance Training Program Design For Women

A proper program design is specific to the person being trained. Each trainee will begin at different levels based on their condition, so a custom tailored exercise program is very important. Each exercise program should begin with some sort of active warm-up regime to help stimulate proper muscle activation for your workout.

To circuit train effectively, three to four multi-muscle, functional workouts are grouped together to optimize your heart rate and aerobic and anaerobic power output. Between 2 to 4 sets and 10 to 15 reps of approximately 3 or 4 exercises are performed in a continuous cycle with little rest (30 seconds to 1 minute after completing each cycle of the 3 to 4 exercises).

Each group of three to four exercises may primarily target different areas of the body. After the warm-up, the first group of exercises may focus on legs. The second group may focus on the upper body, and the third may focus on the core muscles. This exercise structure can help save time and effort with a busy schedule and may also maximize overall fitness results. Ending each workout with a form of static stretching may also be a good idea. Static stretching after exercise can keep the joints from getting too tight.

6 Commonly Asked Questions About Working Out

We get asked a lot of times various questions related to health and fitness. Most common questions are; what are the best methods or ways to workout more efficiently, especially within time restraints.

So we decide to compiled a list of the top 6 questions we receive in hopes it can benefit some of you out there. 


What is the best type of cardiovascular exercise to do?

Interval training has been proven to improve cardiovascular fitness and body composition quicker than any other method. It is also a lot more “fun” than running on a treadmill for an hour.

How should I engage in weight training?

The most efficient way is circuit training. You will get maximal growth hormone output and get a great cardio workout at the same time.

At my gym, I see people doing cardio first. Is this the best way?

I would advise you to do a 5-10 minute warm up on a cardio machine such as a treadmill or elliptical to prepare your body for the stress that you are about to put it through. As to whether to do your cardio training or resistance training first, I would say if you are a runner, do cardio first. If you are a bodybuilder, you should hit the weights first. You always get more out of the first part of your workout so you want to focus on that part of training. If you are a housewife, I would mix it up and see which one your body responds to better.

How important are aerobics and fitness classes for weight loss?

If you find that you are more of a social creature and need the motivation of a group, then fitness classes are the way to go. These classes are filled with like-minded people with the same goals: get fit and have fun. If going to fitness classes will get you to remain active and consistent, DO IT!

I don’t have time to workout. What can I do to get fit and lose weight?

If you are short on time, then you should do 3 sets of 50 heavy two-hand kettlebell swings with one minute rest periods. If you need a cardio workout, high intensity Tabata sprints are the way to go. This will only take 8 minutes.

When I work out, I get really sore the next day or so after. What can I do to ease the soreness?

Make sure you are performing a cool down after every workout. Drink 8 ounces of tart cherry juice after every intense workout. This will decrease soreness by decreasing the inflammation markers in your body. Some other things that may help are contrast baths, ice baths, deep tissue massages, foam rolling, and staying hydrated.

I Just Started Working Out, Why Am I Gaining Weight?

So you’ve just signed up for a membership at your local gym, or you just began working with a trainer, but after the first two weeks you get on the scale and realize that you’re a pound or two heavier. What’s going on? Well first of all, if you have a trainer I’m sure he or she has told you to stay off the scale.

Time and time again as fitness professionals we find ourselves locked in battle with the treacherous scale as people obsess over weight instead of the stuff that really matters i.e., body fat, girth measurements and how your clothes fit.


So first things first, throw that scale out the window. Whether you gain weight or not has a significant amount to do with many factors, including body type and nutrition.

At Wonderfully Fit, we begin an assessment with a basic test, which is used to measure body fat versus lean mass, resting metabolism (# of calories needed to sustain your current muscle mass without moving) and average metabolic rate (# of calories that should be consumed by your body on average during an active day. When you begin to lift weights, your body which is now stimulated by heavier loads establishes new links between your brain and muscle. Your body begins to recruit more muscle and this increases its demands for energy.

It is this increase in demand that makes you feel hungrier than normal and it represents a change in your metabolism. This is a very critical time for you as you must now make better choices on what to consume and when to consume it, in order to meet the demands of increased muscle activity. The problem that many personal trainers find is that their clients will begin to use this newly revved up metabolism as a sort of credit card which affords them the luxury of eating junk food.

This is however counterproductive to your goals of fat and weight loss and most people will experience weight gain if this is not monitored carefully. This is a time where you have a chance to combine your training with lower calorie, high nutritional value foods and get the most out of your metabolism. At Wonderfully Fit, we encourage our clients to eat often, but to make sure that you’re eating quality foods.

Not only is nutrition a key reason for why you may be gaining weight, but consider this; Muscle is about 70% water and when you work out more; your body’s response places a higher demand for consumption of more water. Also in response to weight training your body needs to prepare itself for heavier loads. One of the ways it does this is to increase surface area by hydrating the muscle fibers in order to increase surface area and provide higher power outputs.

Your lean mass includes muscle, bone and organs. Weight bearing activity stimulates muscle growth and stimulates an increase in bone density. These two things can easily cause significant weight gain within the first couple of months. This is where it is important to have a look at girth measurements and body fat. Muscle is heavier and denser than fat and as more muscle is stimulated, the body’s ability to burn fat increases, which sometimes results in a loss of inches with an overall gain of weight.

Similar to the old saying, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Exercise doesn’t make you fat, the choices a person makes, makes that person fat.

At Wonderfully Fit, we believe it’s about changing your lifestyle and by”lifestyle” we mean changing the way your body moves, looks and feels; changing the fuel that you run on and giving you the confidence to take on any challenge.

The take home messages are clear. Throw out the scale and focus on getting stronger and increasing your metabolism by moving more and eating right. The rest will fall into place over time. Rome was not built in a day and your body took years to get this far; sometimes 10, 20 or 30+. The process of reprogramming your body is not an overnight miracle, but a life-long commitment to change.

From an excerpt of Maya Angelou, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”. Realize that your trainer or fitness coach is there to assist you in reaching your goals, as well as support you along your journey to change. We give you the tools to succeed, but it just may be that your attitude towards food, nutrition and exercise are the only thing holding you back from a better you.

My 3 Best Motivation Tips To Get You Started Working Out (Again)

The reason I hear most often for people not working out is lack of motivation. Yes, there are hundreds of ways to get and stay motivated from your doctor telling you that you have high blood pressure to that upcoming Florida vacation or class reunion.

Today I’m going to give you my 3 best motivation tips. If you actually put these tips to work you’ll surprise yourself how quickly you become motivated to workout.

Working Out

Tip#1: Go shopping for new clothes

I know you’re probably saying to yourself, “What? I hate the way I look and shopping for clothes is only going to remind me of it. How is that going to motivate me?” Well, being reminded of it is reason in itself, but I meant to go shopping for new workout clothes. Buy just ONE really nice fitness outfit that you’ll look forward to wearing and ONLY wear it to your work outs. Then set a short-term goal like “If I don’t miss a workout this week I’ll go buy another outfit on the weekend.”

Tip#2: Get yourself fired-up… every day

You can’t hit a target you can’t see. Visualization is used by the top performers in every field. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to take long and WOW does it get you revved up to take action! It only takes a minute or two a day. That’s it. In fact the more you do it, the less time it takes. Here’s what to do:

Take minute and in your mind’s eye see yourself with your best body (not somebody else’s, yours). See yourself looking in the mirror wearing your favorite dress or jeans. Make it vivid – see the colors, hear the usual noises in your house. Let that feeling of confidence and excitement flow through you – don’t hold anything back – just let yourself feel.

Don’t believe me? Think it’s a bunch of “new age” hooey? All I have to say is – Try it (nobody has to know). Set your smartphone timer to 2 minutes. (It’s best to use an audible timer so you don’t keep breaking your concentration by looking at the time). Close your eyes and try the visualization technique I just described and stay focused until the timer goes off. If your mind wanders start again. It gets easier with practice.

Tip# 3: Tell the world your plans

Here’s your chance to use Facebook, LinkedIn and all the people on your e-mail list for something more than sharing pictures of your cat or forwarding bad jokes. Tell everyone you know that you’ve started on this fitness lifestyle that includes working out every day and eating better. Post pictures and results (even bad ones). Funny, it’s the bad ones that motivate me even more. Then invite everyone to check in on you. Peer pressure works, use it to your advantage. Plus your good friends will help you by not tempting you with bad food and bad habits.

Bonus Tip: Stop the scale “routine”

The surest way to kill your motivation is to continually step on the scale. If getting on the scale is part of your daily routine – stop it now! Your weight fluctuates for a thousand different reasons every day. It’s very unlikely you’ll lose weight in a perfectly straight downward line. But this doesn’t mean you should give up. Every single person I’ve met that has exercised and eaten properly and consistently has lost the weight – every single one. AND every one has had struggles and plateaus and just plain “bad days”. But that’s okay. If it were easy, everyone would be thin.

How Do I Work Out My Back?

The back is one of those areas a lot of us tend to forget about. Why? I’m not really sure, but looking back at when I first started working out, I suppose it was because I couldn’t really SEE it, so I wasn’t aware of how its shape really paled in comparison with the parts that “people see”.

As I get older and building muscle is less about appearance and more about personal goals and health, I’m acutely aware of how important a strong back can be, especially in terms of supporting ourselves during other exercises.


Enough of that, let’s get to it!

For this particular exercise, let’s focus on the lower lats, a major part of the back that people “see”.

We’re going to do pull-ups again, but this time the setup is a little different.

Take an OVERhand grip on the bar (assuming you have one!). Keep your knees bent and try to keep them in front of you (This prevents your back from arching as well as making sure you’re isolating those lats).

Before you even mess with what your arms are doing, pull with your shoulders. Then bring yourself up until your chin is slightly above the bar (or handles, whatever you’re using). When you get to the top, make sure your shoulders are pressed down, and pull your elbows in toward your sides simultaneously.

Pretty self-explanatory lift, really. The only pointer I can think of is to keep a wide grip; it will help build your upper lats, as well as rhomboids.

Finding the Motivation to Start Working Out Again

What do you do when you lose your momentum and can’t bring yourself to do your workouts? Recently I was asked if the honest admission that you are getting overweight could be the “jump start” that gets you going?

My answer? Yes, indeed, this would probably do it, although the real trick is to make this honest admission at a time wherein it is possible for you to do a workout.


In other words, say you get out of bed not having worked out for several weeks. Or for several months. Then say, as you shower, you experience the early morning clarity of a shower talk. You know. The kinds of talks you have with yourself wherein you process the urges to better yourself still ringing in your head from sleep.

During this pep talk with yourself then, say you hear your mental mind telling you how much you want to get back to your fitness routine. Of course, then you might hear your physical mind saying, ugh, I know. I should, but . . . blah, blah, blah. After which your mental mind chimes in with, “where would I possibly find the time to workout anyway.” Body / mind connection at it’s finest, eh?

On the other hand, these kinds of mind / body arguments can often be the momentum-building spring boards which can return you to a healthy mind / body life. Not only to a healthy fitness plan mind you, but also to just about any segment of life wherein you’ve lost your momentum. Education. Time with your kids. Hobbies. Whatever. All can be helped by a positive shower talk.

My point here is though that if you have this shower talk with yourself and then go directly from your shower to a workout, you may indeed succeed. Yes, your mind will tell you, you are crazy. However, if it works, don’t fix it. Just do it.

The thing to keep in mind then is to “strike while the iron is hot.” And this is true for all things, but especially true for attempts to regain momentum in stressful activities such as working out.