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Movement Monday
35 0 16 Sep 2019
Strong scientific evidence shows that physical activity protects against heart disease in…
Movement Monday
19 0 16 Sep 2019
The best abs exercise is the traditional abdominal crunch with the knees…
Slay It Saturday
99 0 14 Sep 2019
Be physically active and incorporate abs exercises into your daily routines.
Soaring Saturday
42 0 14 Sep 2019
Your core muscles include muscles in the abdomen, back, pelvis and hips.…
Fitness Friday
61 0 13 Sep 2019
When squatting, it is important to keep your body weight on your…
Throw Down Thursday
88 0 12 Sep 2019
Try to do cardiovascular exercises for 30-60 minutes, 3-5 days a week.
Throw Down Thursday
29 0 12 Sep 2019
Your body produces vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. So…
Workout Wednesday
63 0 11 Sep 2019
Choose fish more often for lunch or dinner. Fish is abs friendly.…
Workout Wednesday
75 0 11 Sep 2019
Make sure your weight training exercises work your lower abs areas.
How personal training can prove beneficial for you
99 0 10 Sep 2019
Considering enrolling in a personal training program? Not sure if this would…