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2 0 13 Jul 2020
People don’t buy a car without doing proper research at first. Even…
Movement Monday
5 0 13 Jul 2020
Adults are encouraged to do a variety of activities, as variety probably…
Movement Monday
6 0 13 Jul 2020
Both cardiovascular exercise (e.g., running, walking, cycling) and strength-training (e.g., weights) should…
Why Motivation Is So Important
8 0 13 Jul 2020
Most people tend to take motivation for granted. They don’t even think…
Fitness Friday
2 0 10 Jul 2020
Fun is an important part of a successful exercise program. The more…
Fitness Friday
6 0 10 Jul 2020
Build leg muscles with strengthening exercises like leg presses and lunges.
5 Common Exercises to Increase Stamina
10 0 09 Jul 2020
People believe they are fit if they have the right weight and…
Workout Wednesday
9 0 08 Jul 2020
When it comes to bench pressing, proper form requires keeping the back…
Movement Monday
8 0 06 Jul 2020
Fiber keeps you feeling full longer and helps to curb your appetite.…
Movement Monday
10 0 06 Jul 2020
Even low amounts of physical activity reduce the risk of dying prematurely.