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Discover How To Start Melting Fat And Transforming Your Body EVEN FASTER!

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is currently one of the most popular health trends to hit the industry.

The basic idea behind HIIT is simple: you alternate between periods of high intensity, such as sprinting, and periods of lower intensity such as jogging. This is a form of training that allows us to burn more calories and enjoy better health benefits in a shorter space of time compared with many other types of training.

Wonderfully Fit

But while HIIT is a great tool for getting into shape, it’s important to recognize that it’s only as useful as the way in which you approach it.

There are right and wrong ways to perform HIIT and a lot of people make the mistake of getting so excited with this new type of training that they forget to approach it in a structured and well thought-through manner.

In this guide then, we will be looking in detail at how you can go about making an amazing HIIT home workout that will help you to both build muscle and burn fat.

You will see how to transform your body using this incredible form of training and you will learn some incredibly powerful strategies for getting even more from it.


Wonderfully Fit Personal Training Studio opened in 2007. We train clients individually and in small groups. We teach people how to make lifestyle changes by incorporating exercise workouts and healthy eating into their everyday life. We custom design interesting, creative and fun programs by using a variety of tools – from conventional weight training with machines, kettlebells, battle rope, and free weights to core focused workouts utilizing: stability balls, BOSU, and medicine balls. We also help clients strengthen their core muscles and improve their balance by utilizing Pilates and Yoga. Wonderfully Fit Personal Training Studio's owner, Terrine Pearsall, is experienced at working with a variety of medical conditions and physical constraints.

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