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Weight Management and Nutritional Counseling

As a top fitness trainer and nutritionist in Long Beach, CA, we are proud to offer weight management and nutrition counseling as a valuable addition to the comprehensive services we provide to meet your health and fitness goals.

Our program is different from a diet in that diets are about sacrifices and they don’t work long term. We are about choice so that your changes are permanent. We create individualized programs that afford each client the ability to make a comfortable transition into a healthier way of life. Our priority is to provide you with the knowledge to achieve and maintain your optimum lifestyle.

Getting Started

At your initial assessment, we will perform a lifestyle, nutritional, and body composition assessment. We will discuss all your needs and goals. We will work with you to create a nutrition program that optimizes the benefits of your workout. Sessions are available in person or over the phone and via email.

Nutrition Programs

Wonderfully Fit Personal Training (“Wonderfully Fit”) helps clients achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Being a qualified nutritionist, we offer Nutrition Assessments and Nutritional Counseling in Long Beach, CA.

Nutritional Counseling in Long Beach, Ca
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Nutrition Assessments

At Wonderfully Fit, we offer the following testing services to assess our clients’ nutrition needs.

Body Composition Assessment

  • To determine the body’s fat to lean ratio and to set appropriate goals for body weight, fat loss, and muscle gain

Body Metabolic Analyzer

  • Tests the body’s resting metabolic rate to determine a person’s caloric needs more accurately.

All tests are compared with age and gender-specific norms and are then used for goal setting.

Nutritional Analysis

We review clients’ health histories and fitness goals. Body Composition and Caloric Needs are determined and meal plans are developed to best incorporate the lifestyle changes which will lead to optimal results.

Healthy Lifestyles Changes

Learn simple strategies to improve your nutrition and fitness goals, as well as ways of lowering stress. Discover how small consistent improvements can improve your health.

Basic Nutrition

Learn the foundation for building a healthy, satisfying diet.

Common mistakes on the pH miracle diet

The pH miracle diet is an exciting new way for people to take control of their health. By lowering your dependence on acid-producing foods and raising your intake of alkali foods you can attain optimum health. The pH scale is from 1 to 14, 1 being very acidic and 14 being very alkaline. The blood in the human bloodstream tends to run slightly alkaline at 7.35. All foods, beverages, and in fact everything we put into our bodies will breakdown into acid or alkali. The body will store and eliminate excess amounts of these things respectively.

An excess amount of acid stored in the body will cause the blood to cluster in the bloodstream, causing fatigue and trauma to the body on the cellular level. When there is so much shutdown going on in the body, the immune system will be lowered allowing disease and illness to enter. By keeping the balance of the pH level in the body at 7.35 you can ensure good health.

By eating more alkaline foods and avoiding overly acidic foods a proper balance can be maintained. Researching which foods are alkalizing and which ones are acidifying will give you the power to make informed choices. Knowing where you are on the pH scale will determine what changes you need to implement into your daily routine. The monitoring of this balance can be achieved through the regular use of pH saliva test strips. With so much riding on proper technique and form, the level of personal accountability can be rather high for first-time dieters, especially if they are used to other diets that don’t require as much responsibility as the pH diet. This can be a daunting task for many starting out on the pH miracle diet. Here are two common mistakes and their solutions.

Trying to add too much alkaline into the system is a common pitfall many overly enthusiastic dieters fall into. The purpose of the pH miracle diet is to create a permanent way of living for you stressing the idea of balance. Many dieters want to solve the problem with a quick fix submerging them into an all alkali intake. This is going overboard with supplements and beverages promising to raise their alkaline levels to unhealthy levels. As stated earlier about too much acid in your bloodstream being unhealthy for you, so too can an overabundance of alkali. Many people focus on the claim that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment, which is true, but nothing in the human body can survive very long in a pure alkali environment. Yes, it is true; too many alkalis can kill you.

The key to life is everything in moderation and the pH diet is no exception. Acids and alkalis are meant to work in concert together. Acids serve your body and play a function in the breaking down of digested material. The stomach is an acid-holding tank that converts food into energy. Alkaline waits in the intestinal tract for this newly energized material still hot with acidity and neutralizes it as the material is metabolized, absorbed, and sent into the bloodstream. By keeping this harmonious partnership in synch you assure that your body’s pH levels stay within the optimum range.

Many people who start out don’t take enough time to look for complete listings of the pH levels of the foods they eat. There are many lists available online and in various books that offer food lists that break the groups down into acids and alkali. Making sure to choose a comprehensive list will guarantee whole nutrition.

A list that includes supplements, herbs, spices, and condiments is the most desirable. You want the most complete list possible including those foods which are neutral. Paying attention to how many foods are being ingested from the acid and alkali sides is a great way to ensure proper balance in the diet.