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The pursuit of health and fitness is important; however, it can be perplexing. With all the contradicting information and infomercials today, it is difficult to know what will really improve your personal well-being and work for you.

Wonderfully Fit

Personalized fitness training gives you an alternative to this impersonal approach to your fitness and health. Wonderfully Fit will provide you with a sound program that is specifically tailored to your needs now, and we’ll amend it so that it grows with you as you progress and your needs change down the road.

The programs at Wonderfully Fit are a comprehensive lifestyle plan. Training includes instruction in resistance training, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, and functional training. You will learn proper techniques and the reasons why each of these areas of fitness is important. You’ll cross-train (change activities) and we’ll keep your fitness training interesting, fun, and keep the results coming. We consider your thoughts, feelings, and opinions as we develop an individualized approach for you. Your input is critical in helping to design an ever-changing program that can meet your fitness, health and nutritional needs.

As you increase your fitness you will reduce your chance of heart disease and be much better equipped to manage stress. At Wonderfully Fit we encourage your cooperation, enthusiasm, and steady attendance commitment in order to get these results.

To become highly fit you should schedule at least two training sessions per week. Eventually, you’ll progress to doing some type of activity most days of the week. You’ll be encouraged to do several of these activity sessions on your own. We’ll help you plan and schedule these workouts so that it’s easy for you to complete them on your own. You will never be pushed to progress too fast and we’ll always meet you at your pace! After four to six weeks of training, if not sooner, you should start seeing some great results. We will periodically reevaluate your program. Constant supervision and adjustments are essential features of responsible fitness training. Wonderfully Fit’s major objective is your physical fitness and personal wellness.

wonderfully fit

Enjoying the Simple Pleasures in Life

Sometimes we make dramatic plans that are expected to bring happiness into our lives, whether it be a vacation, graduation or wedding. But the simple pleasures in life are what we can count on to give us continuous joy. When we appreciate and enjoy the simple things, the gratitude we feel will extend to other areas as well. Here are some of the simple pleasures that are worth making an effort to experience often.

Freshly Cut Grass

Freshly cut grass is enjoyable in every way. The smell and feel of it under your bare feet are fresh, and invigorate the senses. Try to experience this at least a few times each year, as the weather allows it.

Giving and Receiving Smiles

What a better way to experience a simple pleasure for free? Give smiles not only to your friends, but also to random strangers you pass on the street. You will be amazed at how good it feels to see first the surprise of others, and then their own smile in return.

The Endorphin Rush after Working Out

When you work out in a strenuous manner, you will get an endorphin rush as a reward. These natural, feel-good chemicals are sure to brighten your day. Work out in the morning in order to use this endorphin rush to help you be especially productive throughout the rest of your day.

Enjoying Your Favorite Food

Even if your favorite food is not especially healthy, allow yourself to have it every now and then. The feeling of your much-loved food will bring you a little boost of pleasure. Studies have shown that if you refrain from a particular food for a certain time, it will be even more enjoyable the next time you try it, so use this trick to make your favorite meal taste even better than usual.

Hot Cup of Coffee or Tea

Some of us survive on our daily coffee or tea. Even when it is a daily habit, it can bring much joy. As you sip on your beverage of choice, take some quiet time to enjoy every bit.

Making Snow Angels

This is not only for kids. Put on some warm clothes and simply fall into the snow. Feeling silly about this will not ruin the experience, just embrace the feeling of innocent fun that making snow angels can bring.

Laughing until It Hurts

Laughter is like medicine. Everyone should have an opportunity to laugh until it hurts at least once a day. Whether it is with a friend who could write comedy, or watching a good movie, take some time to laugh away your stress.

Getting a Massage

If you have never had a massage, give it a try. This hour of total relaxation will make your troubles feel as though they are melting away. Many individuals are even entitled to massages through employee benefits.

Walking in the Rain

Walking in the rain is one of life’s amazing simple pleasures. Dress warm, and go outside with or without an umbrella. Let the rain splash over your face as you stroll along, and be sure to jump in at least one puddle for old time’s sake.

Expensive fun is great, but can be hard to come by. Instead of waiting for your next vacation, indulge in one of these simple pleasures. By learning to appreciate the little things right next to you, you will find great fulfillment each and every day.

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