Wonderfully Fit

Catherine P.

I have been working out with Terrine for almost seven years, and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. She has helped me rekindle a commitment to exercising regularly and eating well that was dormant for over a decade. I have lost almost 40 pounds and several inches and am committed to continue to lose more. I don’t think I would have done it without her.

Terrine is a steady example of someone who is dedicated to treating her body well. She is also realistic about other people’s struggle to do the same. She will help you to define (and re-define) your goals, but will not impose her goals or standardized guidelines upon you. When working out with her, I don’t feel that she is pushing me. Instead she shows you the path and encourages you to follow. During years of 3 workouts per week, I have never been injured and rarely been sore. She often offers changes to your workout and nothing becomes routine or boring. I also admire that she has a full-time, demanding job and life outside of her personal training clients. She is able to balance those and dedicate hours to you and your goals and that inspires greater motivation from me. It is yet another way in which she leads by example, not by command. If you are considering working with a personal trainer, consider Terrine. I hope that you find her as valuable as I have.


Myrna M.

I have been going to Terrine Pearsall for over seven year and she is terrific! She knows just how much effort I can exert and then she knows how to challenge me to do even better! She is the best thing that has happened to my body!


Lina V.

All my life I’ve been dealing with weight problems! I’ve tried just about everything from clinics to all kinds of pills. But I finally found the magic trick to losing weight, Terrine Pearsall, my Personal Trainer, has helped me in losing 20 pounds and still continuing to lose. Working out has helped me become more energetic and has helped me relieve stress, along with her food guides and easy effective tips. I’ve been able to achieve my weight loss. Having a personal trainer is in fact the best way of getting in shape, and being able to maintain my weight loss. It’s comfortable, affordable and best thing is noticeable results! Terrine you are an amazing friend, and personal trainer! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Soraya P.

Terrine specializes in results. She is a very knowledgeable and committed trainer. What’s very impressive about Terrine is her commitment, positive attitude, and well planned workouts. I call her “The Terminator” because she has always kept me on track, reinforcing the will power that I sometimes lack, while pushing me to the next level. She is always willing to change my workout and come up with new and challenging exercises. We do a bit of everything from circuit training to Pilates to running, to Spinning. I have seen dramatic improvements in strength and overall body shape and size since I started working with her. I have lost several dress sizes. She is committed to ongoing education and is always looking for the latest, best information which she brings to our workouts. She has also helped me adopt a healthy lifestyle and has helped me with proper nutritional
planning, supplementation, and lifestyle changes.


Cassie S.

I am a 58 year old breast cancer survivor since 2000. In striving to learn how to take care of my whole body, I have been working with Terrine. I have found her to be ‘THE TOTAL PACKAGE’ as a trainer. I started exercising on cardio machines and doing low impact cardio twice a week. In January 2007, Terrine provided me with a pedometer and convinced me to take the 10,000 steps a day challenge. Over the summer I started participating in 5K walk/run. I have completed two 5K walks and just recently completed my first 10K and I tell you “it was quite an experience.” Terrine encouraged me to walk the 10K and she met me when I got to the last mile of my walk even after she had just finished running it. She encouraged me that last mile and believe me I needed it. Since training with Terrine I have lost several dress sizes. She has been a blessing to me and I am
now encouraged to start planning more nutritional meals and living a healthy life. I love the fact that Terrine continues to educate herself and enjoys seeing progress in her clients. Terrine is my GIRL.