Wonderfully Fit


If you have begun your work-out session and you are on a steady diet that keeps you full and healthy but reduces the unnecessary fats and junk in your food while providing all you need to maintain your weight and health then you are already on a good start on steady weight management and nutrition.

There are some points you need to keep in mind though since a wrong decision in watching your weight and the nutrition you intake can affect your body in more ways than one.


Alternate between your work-outs

Getting a strong, extensive work-out is essential to burn calories and losing fat but if you over-stress yourself you’ll end up too tired, you’ll eventually go through muscle loss and your body will adapt to the work-out session if you keep at it, and eventually you’ll burn fewer calories and gain more weight. Alternate between quick, intensive training and relaxing work-out sessions to let your body pick its own pace and help you manage your time and exercises without compromising your weight loss program.

Don’t reduce what you eat; add more.

When people think of a diet they immediately imagine cutting down on what they eat but weight management isn’t about killing yourself; it’s about controlling what you eat to maximize the effectiveness of your work-out training and to keep you healthy. Integrate nutritious food into your meals like adding vegetables into your soup or adding the pulp in your fruit juices.

If you can’t cut the meat, cook it differently.

A lot of people can’t handle a day without their meats so instead of completely cutting off pork, beef and chicken from your meals, prepare them differently to reduce the fats and carbohydrates and to get the protein out of your meals. Roasting or grilling your meat takes out the fats and oils and leaves the protein which is essential to helping you feel full (good to avoid overeating) and it helps energize you to burn fats in your exercises.

Use weight management and a nutrition chart.

Using a chart may seem like a geek-move but it does help a lot. Knowing how much nutrition you are getting and comparing it to how much you need helps you schedule what you need to eat and it helps you choose how to cook them as well. A weight management chart would be great to keep you on track of your calories and your body mass index (BMI). There are several calculators online to help you calculate the numbers as well and most of them are free browser-based software.

A good weight management and nutrition plan are one where you don’t over-stress yourself and keep yourself full. You don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight and you don’t need to keep working out until you drop dead. A simple weight management plan and the know-how on getting the right nutrition are all you need to maintain the weight that you are shooting for. Keep eating and keep working out as a safe pace is a key to maintaining great health and a good weight.