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You’re ready to try out a Zumba program, but what is Zumba? Here, Zumba training will be explained. But does Zumba work? Read on, and I will explain a few different variations of Zumba training and why it works.

Actually, Zumba is no longer a secret. It’s a household name. It’s the latest craze in cardio dance fitness. That’s what Zumba is, it’s a cardio dance fitness program, in a nutshell. There are so many different Zumba routines that anyone at any fitness level and age can have fun and see positive results.

what is zumba

According to Alberto Perez (Zumba’s creator), Zumba is inspired mainly by Latin dance. It uses resistance training and fitness interval training for optimal output of calories and overall fat burn and muscle tone. Speaking of Latin Dance, the routines incorporate different music styles such as meringue, reggaeton, pop, mambo, salsa, flamenco, rumba, and calypso, just to name only a few. The music keeps you going!

There are different types of Zumba training:

For the more experienced Zumba-goer, Zumba toning incorporates body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardiovascular routines to strength train, burn calories. Participants use lightweight toning sticks to target their arms, thighs, and abs all to Latin-infused music.

For us more mature adults who enjoy staying active, there is “Zumba Gold.” This takes the Zumba moves and routines and modifies them to suit the needs of an older participant. You get the positive calorie burn and toning effects while enjoying camaraderie and excitement all set to spicy Latin music in that well-known Zumba party-like atmosphere.

For the young ones amongst us, there is “Zumbatomic.” This is for kids between the ages of 4 and 12 years old. These routines are “kid-friendly” and get their energy up by working out to hip-hop and reggaeton, just a couple of music styles that kids love. As we already know, exercise is so beneficial for kids (and adults alike) that it increases focus, boosts metabolism, and self-confidence. There are more types of Zumba training to fit almost everyone’s needs and fitness levels. I’ve just written about a few.

Now, how about buying Zumba at a discount? We all know about the awesome benefits to exercise, and you want to start today. You also now know that Zumba works to tone you up courtesy of the resistance training in the routines and the optimal output of calories for maximum fat burn. You want to burn calories and fat, not burn a hole in your wallet.

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However, it is a daunting task to even look at that list. But you want to start toning up and losing weight and have fun at the same time. And you want to find the Zumba workout that’s right for you. Do you get in your car and waste gas going from store to store? Or do you start reading reviews?

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