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Fitness Friday

39 0 19 Jul 2019

Even moderate exercise just 3 times a week can have you looking slimmer and more toned.

Fitness Friday

39 0 19 Jul 2019

Regularly active adults have lower rates of heart disease and stroke, and have lower blood pressure, better blood lipid profiles, and fitness.

Throw Down Thursday – During your squatting routine, be sure to tighten your stomach muscles, from upper to lower.

267 0 18 Jul 2019

Throw Down Thursday

82 0 18 Jul 2019

Give your abs at least a day of rest between your workouts in order to repair and build.

Workout Wednesday

46 0 17 Jul 2019

Park your car further away from your office, so that you are forced to walk more.

Workout Wednesday

43 0 17 Jul 2019

If you are trying a new technique or are working with a new machine, ask a trainer for assistance in learning how to perform the exercise properly.

Tough as Nails Tuesday

48 0 16 Jul 2019

Drink a lot of water. The standard recommendation is 8 glasses a day. Be sure to drink more if you exercise.

Movement Monday

42 0 15 Jul 2019

Once a person reaches a certain fitness level, he or she progresses to higher levels of physical activity by continued overload and adaptation.

Movement Monday

41 0 15 Jul 2019

Keep your abs tight by cutting back on meats high in fat, such as burgers, and greasy fried foods, such as French fries.

Fitness Friday

48 0 12 Jul 2019

Bend your elbows and your knees when lifting or lowering plates or dumbbells from the floor. Do not use your back, you could strain it.