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5 Ways You Can Spring Clean Your Diet 1

5 Ways You Can Spring Clean Your Diet

16 0 19 Mar 2019

Most of us spring clean our homes every year before Spring arrives; why not think about also spring cleaning your diet? A detox spring clean diet can offer you the opportunity to refocus and re-establish clear dietary goals that will not only empower you but may also assist you in losing those extra few kilograms before Summer.

An effective detox diet can involve the elimination of processed foods and stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol for a few days or even a few weeks. Sometimes this is all you will need to do to feel more refreshed, re-energized and of course, lighter, as your body is now able to rid itself of unnecessary fluid that has accumulated when you have eaten too many salty or fatty foods. (more…)

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The Key to Efficient Fat Burning Exercise

29 0 19 Mar 2019

When you follow a fat burning exercise routine, you need to have a way of eating that enables maximum fat burning to occur. When you exercise to lose fat, you will lose fat more slowly, if you don’t eat in a way that enables efficient fat burning to occur.

Do You Exercise First Thing In The Morning?


Movement Monday

31 0 18 Mar 2019

If you’re weight-training 2 days a week, increase it to 3 days. Remember to allow your muscles to rest at least 48 hours between sessions.

Movement Monday

30 0 18 Mar 2019

Strengthen shoulder muscles with side raises, front raises and/or shoulder presses.

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5 Fat Burning Exercises

30 0 18 Mar 2019

You don’t need expensive cardio machines to lose fat. Instead, you can do fast workouts full of fun exercises for fat burning at home with hundreds of simple moves.

In fact, there are 5 simple categories of fat burning exercises. If you put at least one of each fat burning exercise into your workout routine, you’ll lose fat at home in short workouts of 30 minutes or less, only 3 times per week. (more…)

Soaring Sunday

38 0 17 Mar 2019

Do not slouch. Good posture allows your internal organs to function better and helps prevent neck and back pain.

Soaring Sunday

37 0 17 Mar 2019

To minimize your heart disease risk as much as possible, make sure you’re doing regular cardiovascular exercise such as running or walking.

Sizzling Saturday

39 0 16 Mar 2019

Walking increases the production of endorphins, which can calm the body and promote restful sleep.

Sizzling Saturday

38 0 16 Mar 2019

Remember that strength training has a better effect on metabolism than cardio because lean muscle requires more energy usage.

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Bodybuilding Diet Strategies Explained

40 0 15 Mar 2019

There are many things that you need to consider when you are looking at the correct bodybuilding diet. It is very important that you realize that everything you do while you are trying to make your body perform better will have an impact on your body overall.

This means that everything–from your diet to what you do on a daily basis–is going to affect your muscles. (more…)