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Workout Wednesday

4 0 22 Sep 2021

Stretching is a must for a good workout. Stretching prevents injury, increases performance, and can reduce the overall stress on your body.

Motivation Tuesday

6 0 21 Sep 2021

I foster calm energy in my mind, body, and spirit.

Movement Monday

13 0 20 Sep 2021

If you need to lose weight, do so gradually. That means no more than 1 or 2 pounds a week.

Soothing Saturday

11 0 18 Sep 2021

I welcome positive people and experiences into my existence.

Fitness Friday

15 0 17 Sep 2021

Increase your metabolism through strength-training. The more muscle mass you have, the more belly fat you burn all day long.

Thoughtful Thursday

14 0 16 Sep 2021

My way forward is paved with the strength of an open heart and the power of an open mind.

Workout Wednesday

17 0 15 Sep 2021

Remember that long workouts provide no additional benefit for your abs. Effective abs workouts are typically short in duration.

Motivation Tuesday

14 0 14 Sep 2021

Each new day gives me the opportunity to improve my being.

Movement Monday

13 0 13 Sep 2021

Physical activity improves functional capacity, the ability to engage in activities needed for daily living.

Soothing Saturday

11 0 11 Sep 2021

I am worthy of celebrating myself.