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2 0 13 Jul 2020

People don’t buy a car without doing proper research at first. Even after deciding on a model and the type of car which would suit you the best, you are still required to take it for a test drive and kick a few tires before coming to a final decision. Well, it’s the same with finding the right Pilates instructor in Long Beach, CA for yourself.

In recent years, Pilates has seemed to gain quite a bit of popularity around the world. It is known to help people of all ages and abilities. On one hand, it compliments exercise and sports, particularly high impact or resistance disciplines, acting as a buffer. On the other hand, it is also getting the rightful recognition for its proven benefits to people suffering from an illness or neurological condition.

Keeping in mind all those factors, it is highly important for you to choose the right Pilates instructor in Long Beach, CA. This is important because you are going to invest not only your money but your valuable time as well, and by making such an investment you would want to get a good result.

Furthermore, by choosing the right instructor you are likely to get proper training and supervision to avoid any sort of injury.

The following are some of the things you must keep in mind when choosing the right Pilates instructor for yourself.

Personal training Long Beach CA

· Determine your goals as well as your instructor’s:

People turn to the services of Pilates for a wide range of reasons, from recovering from an injury to improving sports performance. Pilates can help with all these things so the more specific your goals are, the more satisfied you are bound to be with the results.

Moreover, it would be even better if you understand and know the instructor’s background and motivations for teaching.

· Certification and reliability:

It is of utmost importance to know if the Pilates instructor has appropriate certifications to his or her name. You must prefer the one who has these certifications as they are more reliable than the others.

· Classical or contemporary Pilates:

At the time of your research, you might come across Pilates training differentiated by “classical” and “contemporary”. Different goals are achieved by these two Pilates styles. But no matter what style you go for, no one style guarantees that you would find a more competent instructor. The thing that is more important is whether the instructor is consistent in what they teach.

· Synergy:

Great instructors tend to walk the talk, but beyond that, they must be attentive, patient, and helpful to their students. Some are quite energetic and boisterous, while others are inclined towards being calmer and reserved. Disregarding this, you must find an instructor you can connect with, instructs accurately, and who encourages safe movement.

So, if you were to keep the above -mentioned things in mind while you are looking for the right Pilates instructor, then chances are you are going to find one.

Movement Monday

5 0 13 Jul 2020

Adults are encouraged to do a variety of activities, as variety probably reduces risk of injury caused by doing too much of one kind of activity.

Movement Monday

6 0 13 Jul 2020

Both cardiovascular exercise (e.g., running, walking, cycling) and strength-training (e.g., weights) should be included in your exercise plan.

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Why Motivation Is So Important

8 0 13 Jul 2020

Most people tend to take motivation for granted. They don’t even think about it as they get on with their daily lives. But the reality is that we need different types of motivation to really get the most out of life and be happy and content.

Motivation is all about purpose and desire. Without it, we would never do anything and the world would be vastly different from what it is today. If Steve Jobs didn’t have the motivation to create the iPhone would smartphones exist today? Maybe if someone else had the motivation to design and create them. (more…)

Fitness Friday

1 0 10 Jul 2020

Fun is an important part of a successful exercise program. The more fun you have, the more likely you will stick with the program.

Fitness Friday

5 0 10 Jul 2020

Build leg muscles with strengthening exercises like leg presses and lunges.

Exercise in Long Beach CA

5 Common Exercises to Increase Stamina

8 0 09 Jul 2020

People believe they are fit if they have the right weight and their body mass index (BMI) is within the appropriate range. They often flaunt their body showing abs, biceps, and other physical frames. But, fitness will be measured if they pass the endurance test. It means their stamina level is good.

You will often see people with a good physique become exhausted very soon. They are unable to keep themselves active for long and frequently suffer from fatigue. On the other hand, you will find people with no good physical frame but with prolonged stamina. They can work out for a long time without exerting themselves a lot and can stay active without any tiredness. It means bodybuilding is not enough without proper stamina.

You do not have to make any extra effort, just add a few sets of exercises in your daily workout routine and you will gradually increase the stamina. If you are under the guidance of a personal trainer for Exercise in Long Beach CA, the exercise plan will be prepared as per your requirements.

If not, you should include the following exercises and we ensure that you will experience changes in time.

Do a boat pose– You might find it funny but it’s very effective. You have to sit on the floor with your legs straight. Then, you have to balance on your hips, lift your legs in the air and stretch the arms out. You will have to hold this position for 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat the set for at least 5 times. You will strengthen the muscles in your lower abdominal, lower back, and hip flexors.

Go for side planks– You will start this exercise lying down on your side. Taking the support of your elbow, you will have to lift your entire body. At the initial stage, you should try holding the position for a minimum of 10 seconds and gradually increase the hold. You might lose the balance but you have to keep you support strong. Try as long as you can to do the exercise. It will help to strengthen lower and side abdominal muscles.

Exercise Long Beach. CA
Exercise Long Beach. CA

Try push-ups– This exercise is mostly advised by a fitness enthusiast. It’s the best way to check the fitness of the person. In this, you have to lie down on the floor on the stomach. Your palms will be near the chest. You have to lift your body by putting the entire pressure on the palm. It’s important to maintain a balance while lifting the body otherwise, you might fall. After you get the balance, try to hold the position for at least 10 seconds. It strengthens the upper body and core muscles.

Perform squats– This will exert pressure on your thighs but you feel it in the entire body. In this exercise, you have to stand on the floor with legs apart. Next, you have to bend your knees and go down by keeping your spine straight. While bending your knees, your hips should go a little backwards. Just remember, do not stress your spine, it should be straight and relaxed in the entire pose. It strengthens the tissues and ligaments in your body.

Go up and down in lunges- Lunges are like half sit-ups. You have to stand with feet apart and spine straight. The movements are simple but very specific. You have to put forward your right leg and bend the hip so that both the knees form a 90-degree angle. Don’t extend the right knee so much that the left knee touches the floor. You should hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat the set for at least 5 times.

These are 5 common exercises that will help you increase stamina. If you can figure out the techniques properly, it’s great; otherwise, we recommend hiring a Personal Trainer.

Note: Before you start these exercises, you should have an endurance test to know your status. Later, get it done after a month or two to see the improvement.

Workout Wednesday

8 0 08 Jul 2020

When it comes to bench pressing, proper form requires keeping the back on the bench while lifting the barbell.

Movement Monday

7 0 06 Jul 2020

Fiber keeps you feeling full longer and helps to curb your appetite. It also stabilizes your blood sugar, which is important in weight maintenance.

Movement Monday

9 0 06 Jul 2020

Even low amounts of physical activity reduce the risk of dying prematurely.