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Fitness Friday

34 0 24 Jun 2022

Many people need to do more than 5 hours of moderate-intensity activity a week to meet weight–control goals.

Yoga for Stress 1

Yoga for Stress

40 0 23 Jun 2022

Yoga is one of the best exercises which you can do to combat feelings of stress and anxiety. Yoga is designed to not only improve fitness levels, strength, and balance, but also clear the mind and help reduce stressful thoughts and feelings.

Taking part in yoga not only allows you to improve your levels of fitness and strength to be healthier overall, but it can also strengthen your mind and help you to feel more at peace with yourself and everything around you. Yoga is also often associated with mindfulness meditation, which can be extremely useful for dealing with stress and anxiety.

Another benefit of yoga is that it is often done socially – joining a yoga class means that not only will you be able to benefit from the physical and mental health benefits of taking part in yoga, but you will also be able to reap the social benefits of meeting new friends and getting support, something which can be incredibly useful for dealing with stress and anxiety.

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Thoughtful Thursday

36 0 23 Jun 2022

I am destined to become the person I put the work into being.

Transformation Tuesday

35 0 21 Jun 2022

I release physical, mental, and emotional baggage.

Movement Monday

27 0 20 Jun 2022

Your exercise plan should include both cardiovascular and strength-training workouts.

Happy Father’s Day

44 0 19 Jun 2022

I appreciate all the great dads and father figures who make the world better.

Soothing Saturday

44 0 18 Jun 2022

I keep moving forward, even if some days it’s slowly.

Fitness Friday

43 0 17 Jun 2022

To get the most of every workout and to prevent injury it is essential to rest after a strength-training workout.

Thoughtful Thursday

58 0 16 Jun 2022

I am grateful for the things that leave my life and create room for better.

Transformation Tuesday

63 0 14 Jun 2022

My body is perfect in its own way and doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s.