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Thoughtful Thursday

0 0 15 Apr 2021

I am transforming into someone who is always learning and developing.

Workout Wednesday

2 0 14 Apr 2021

During rest, muscles rebuild and repair themselves. An adequate time to rest each muscle group is 48-72 hours between workouts.

Workout Wednesday

3 0 14 Apr 2021

Avoid fad diets. People who use fad diets often end up gaining back any belly fat that they lost.

Motivation Tuesday

3 0 13 Apr 2021

My past is one big learning experience.

anti aging hacks

Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight to Prevent Premature Aging

3 0 13 Apr 2021

It is no secret that when we are eating a poor diet, that there are going to be negative health effects. However, something that most people don’t think about is how these choices in diet might affect us in the future. When we gain weight and load our bodies up with unhealthy, processed foods that are full of sodium, fat, and sugar, we are setting ourselves up for failure.

A poor diet can set us up for health issues down the line, but one thing it also does that many people might not consider is giving us the appearance of being older than we actually are. While it is very important to avoid the health consequences of unhealthy dieting, it is also something worth considering. If we want to appear younger and maintain our vitality in our everyday lives, excess weight gain will only old us back. (more…)

Movement Monday

4 0 12 Apr 2021

Increases in the amount of weight or the days a week of exercising will result in stronger muscles.

Movement Monday

7 0 12 Apr 2021

Always remember to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your work out.

Fitness Friday

7 0 09 Apr 2021

Some physical activity is better than none, and adults who participate in any amount of physical activity gain some health benefits.

Fitness Friday

6 0 09 Apr 2021

To protect your hamstrings, strengthen them with exercises such as leg presses.

Thoughtful Thursday

4 0 08 Apr 2021

I am taking control of my own mind.