Improving Your Health with Stability Balls

We can easily spot a large rubber ball at a gym or in the house of your friend. It is called a stability ball which is very helpful in performing various exercises without causing any injuries to your body. Kids usually find it as a good toy to play with.

Here in this article you will find out why it is one of the best exercise tools which is cheaply available in the market today. Many become skeptical when it comes to the idea of doing exercise on a ball. But a stability ball can challenge your body in such ways which you never thought to be possible before.


The first thing that one must understand is that stability balls are not something which were invented recently and eventually became prominent. It was first used by physical therapists during 1900s. Orthopedic surgeons of that time found this simple device to be very effective in the rehabilitation of patients after surgeries. Various flexions could be performed without much effort. This prevented any injuries from happening.

They can also be used for preventing the emergence of any physical disability. Stability balls are usually large and are made with heavy-duty rubber. When inflated, it can sustain pressure up to 700 pounds.

It is easy, comfortable, and supportive for using as exercising aids. The air inside the ball makes it to curve around your body’s shape and gives us optimum support for performing various types of exercises. Changing positions during exercise is also easy as you can stay off the floor by giving support on the ball. Major muscle groups can be worked together for getting optimum benefit for your whole body.

Some of the benefits of using stability balls for exercise are that you will get improved muscle tone, muscle strength, and endurance. The stability of the spinal cord is also improved. There are certain aerobic training programs which are specifically developed for stability balls.

The simple act of balancing your whole body on to a stability ball will give you improved balance, stability, and coordination. It allows you to maintain proper body posture and balance during your daily activities. Normal exercises which we perform in gym are concerned with increasing the strength of specific muscles. They don’t improve the functioning of ‘stabilizer muscles’.

But by doing exercise with stability balls you are working all the stabilizer muscles which are very important for maintaining right posture and for avoiding injuries.